Video (56:50) Juan O. Savin on The Kraken & Panic In The D.C.

Civil Society, Commerce, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Media

Summary notes below the fold.

  • There is no disunity — Sidney is pursuing a complementary path.
  • There are different legal approaches that have to be pursued, need to avoid co-mingling.
  • Individual candidates are also pursuing their own lawsuits.
  • Notes that no one among candidates has gained access to the actual Dominion machines — no legal path has emerged (does not discuss military capture of CIA servers in Canada and Germany. Fighting for access to the software across multiple courts — need to do forensic analysis directly
  • Shows Dominion manual, chapter 11 — ranked choice voting
  • This is a cooked election, everyone including Democrats now see this
  • They panicked and went a bridge too far, used every fraud method
  • Host: 30% Dems 75% Rep believe election stolen — 30% could go to 50% and 75% could go to 90% — trends are not Biden's friend
  • People  thinking too little too late — chill out, we've got this
  • Many many people are going to federal prison — some to GITMO
  • Foreign intelligence involvement will come out and will piss off Americans
  • People starting to razor their Biden bumper stickers off their cars
  • “Those damn Brits were behind everything.”  HUGE STATEMENT.
  • China also involved – fake ballots, virus, lawsuits emergent against China
  • Hollywood CAA owned 50% by China, controlled narrative
  • We're going to bring our jobs home, shut down politicians bribed by China
  • Need to reject the globalist “green” agenda that destroys jobs in the USA
  • The resolve is greater than we have seen in a long time — still angst and frustration, but people are getting madder and are more resolved to prevent the fraud from taking the election
  • Biden and his crowd are not going to get to enjoy the presidency — we're coming for them.
  • Patterns are starting to emerge — we're seeing how they engineered some of this stuff
  • People brought in from out of state to “manage” vote centers
  • Remember the Executive Order — FISA warrants, phones not secure
  • “Some of these people are so dumb” — they should be getting an attorney and coordinating a deal
  • This is so far from over
  • Observations of people in those locations are pretty solid
  • Fraud is so extensive people will be stunned that it could have been pulled off
  • We're going to stop it
  • Host: media appears to be back-peddling, not completely sure, while Biden is appointing Cabinet members who are LOSERS — bottom of the barrel no talent no intellect LOSERS — nobody of any repute not beating down  the doors
  • Make the bet for April Fool's Day — I will bet you Donald Trump is still President comes 1 April and the joke will be on Biden and all those who bet on him —  they bet against the American people.
  • This is all about reversal, the boomerang, the flip, we're going to get our country back — cooked politics against the American way of life, Hollywood collusion with globalist and foreign entities going to stop
  • We're going to win  this — not going to put up with the fraud
  • There will be revelations — come hell or high water we're going to get access to those Dominion machines and once we do it will be very obvious how the books were cooked
  • In some races may have to have a revote.  HUGE STATEMENT.
  • If Department of Justice fails, President has GITMO.  HUGE STATEMENT.
  • They almost had us — we were so close to losing it all.
  • “We're going to push  this London crowd back.HUGH STATEMENT.
  • Slaves no more.
  • Host: JFK's NSM 57 designed to take CIA apart — SOF to SecDef is “chambering the round” military on a “war footing”
  • We had more than 1,000 military aircraft in the air, a training thing for something that is coming and to show the activists we have the capability to execute a nation-wide operation
  • Cheyanne Mountain is still locked up tight — we're on a wartime footing — external threat and internal threat
  • President is not rolling over — he has a family to protect too
  • We're going to lock them all up and take the country back
  • Sidney still tight with the Trump team, doubling down
  • Politicians all bought off by criminal interests
  • Bannon is still in the fight, in the room on occasion
  • Multiple fronts, all in, no single point of failure
  • People certifying cooked votes are sealing their fate
  • Street activists are in for the surprise of their life — a “talking to” by guys who are truly huge and truly tough
  • Rounds have been fired — cannot stop them
  • Don't expect this to be over by Christmas
  • We have to pull this stuff out by the roots
  • Our future has been stolen from us — we have to stop that for our kids and grandkids — slaves no more.
  • Energy too cheap to meter — real productivity, HUGE STATEMENT.
  • Going to build out the future not just for us but for the world

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