Yoda: COVID-19 Plus Is A Crime Against Humanity

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Nuremberg Trials now mandatory across all countries and especially including Australia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom as well as most States in the USA.

Four French doctors and scientists have filed a complaint against the Institut Pasteur for crime against humanity. They found all the patents filed by the Institut Pasteur since 2003 for a modified Coronavirus virus, which they called COV-19

On this coronavirus, they grafted part of the malaria genome, which explains why hydroxicloroquine works so well against Covid-19, but also HIV. Remember, Chinese doctors would say they had tested AIDS therapies with some success. More 157 sequences of inenditified viruses.

In this movie in French, everything is explained, from the creation of the Covid-19 in France, then Institut Pasteur created a joint venture with China to build a very high security laboratory in Wuhan. 50 French companies worked there with their know-how. There are photos of one of our prime ministers in this lab on the day of the opening. After which, it would seem that there were tensions between France and China. The 50 French scientists who were to work there according to the initial plan remained in France.
As a result, one way or another, the Pasteur Institute with the cooperation of other states, it is assumed, spread the virus in Wuhan, generating the pandemic.

The vaccine created by the Institut Pasteur called Chadox1-nCov-19 was manufactured in 2019. It included nanoparticles or chips patented by Bill Gates and had to work with 5G. This vaccine has been sold to several countries for billions of dollars.

Scientists, who are suing the Institut Pasteur for crimes against humanity, have all the evidence. Their video was published in August 2020. They claim that thanks to them the vaccination process would be blocked. There has been talk of fake news and attempts to have the video deleted from youtube and other platforms, but there has been no legal attack against them.

Since then, a director has produced a very big video in French, called “Hold-Up”, using this information and others, to show that this whole false pandemic has been entirely fabricated. In one week, while the video is only in French, it was seen by more than 6 million people.

The more members of government and televisions yelled at this video by having it deleted from Youtube and other video platforms, the more copies there were elsewhere. More than 50 copies from the first week, not counting those in MP4 format sent by email. The whole of France has at least been informed of the existence of this video and has seen at least part of it. Its big flaw is that it lasts 2h44.

As you know, more than 500 German doctors and lawyers are also taking legal action against the organizers of this pandemic. There is a similar movement in Spain and I suppose it exists in all European countries. A phenomenon difficult to observe because we all have different languages. Meanwhile, the government continues to destroy the economy. For example, winter sports resorts are open, but bars, restaurants and ski lifts are closed. What nonsense!

What is notable is that during the first confinement, there were many police checks in stations, at crossroads in town and in the countryside, to see if people had their exit authorization. If we didn't have it, it would cost 135 €.
For this second confinement, there is NO control anywhere. This means that the police and the gendarmerie (army) have dissociated themselves from the government.

On this side of the Atlantic, we consider that Trump's fight against the Deep State and the globalists is also our fight. If he loses, the globalists will crush us with their health dictatorship. If he wins, the globalists will be destabilized everywhere and I think the resistance or the counter-revolution will be more violent. Besides, governments and MSM keep yelling at the QAnon movement in Europe, a bunch of conspiracy theory fans linked to the American far right, they say.

At the moment, the 4 scientists are still free and alive. And nobody of the movie Hold-Up had been arrested.

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Hold-Up Retour sur un Chaos 2020 ( Documentaire Complet )

Hold-Up Retour sur un Chaos 2020 ( Documentaire Complet )

Hold-Up Retour sur un Chaos 2020 ( Documentaire Complet )

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