Sharry Edwards: A Message of Hope & Trust in President Trump

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics

As received via email — a summary message of hope followed by a voice analysis of President Trump at the Alamo.

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People are weary, disheartened, they need hope to have the power to self educate and take control of their lives

who is taking advantage and why are we allowing perfectly well people to be quarantined?

they feel like others have taken over their lives

I want to bring hope about Trump demeanor – it's pretty good

people are worried about him
and let people know they have choices
and that they can do something about this right now

  • check voting records of local elected officials
  • distance themselves from any platform that is censoring or withholding information platforms, magazines, newspapers, social media without them as a customer they have no product.
  • thousands of those attempting to dictate – millions of us help challenge voting results

I would like to report on our corona results and give people the information that we have used – to help eliminate the fear and separation of the people

to provide free software and evaluations to check for corona conflicts for each person who can reach us

to provide information about our leaders and give people the the tools and solutions to make credible decisions on their own

  • Trump's last speech – he looks good and is stable but people are chomping at the bit for him to move on something
  • Pelosi on press – admits how to manipulate press
  • Pelosi defending – show her need to control so large she hurts people to get at Trump
  • Pelosi at impeachment – Pelosi considering herself as God
  • Tony Bobulinski – proves Hunter Biden is is guilt of what J Biden is denying
  • Chinese professor – shows world wide involvement in take down of America
  • Crenshaw – Tells the Truth to congress – good guy
  • Lyn Wood – good guy – “let Truth be the guide to what is right” – impressive but a bit naive
  • McConnell – fence sitting – self protecting but involved in being censored himself

how we can help Trump and ourselves –
monitor local voting and get rid of traitors
get rid of lying, witholding, censoring platforms, newspapers
support good reporters and organizations who are not distorting information

they are 1000's, we are millions

PBI: Trump analysis is below is full text and also as linked document.  Others as provided are below as linked documents. – CENSORED BY Youtube

The original recording of this speech was censored by YouTube.  Fox news has kept this very important speech “ALIVE” for the people.  The speech contains the evidence that the MSM is deliberately denying.

Many people are concerned about the President because he is being delibaately maligned.  His voice indicates that he is strong and  muti-tasking about this mess.  His emotions are strong dealing with information that is supportive to people in need.  His voice is most like Ron Paul before O’Bama’s people ruined his Tea Party run in 2008.  Ron Paul’s voice is one of the most honest voices I’ve ever evaluated.

His print indicates:

  • Emotions in support of people’s rights
  • A concern about the future and what others think of America
  • A concern for the future of the people
  • A foundational concern that his words will not be heard
  • Full competence and awarness of many perspectives simultaneously.
  • He is telling the Truth and is open to hearing others.

Trump for the people

Recording Date: 01/11/2021

Subject/Topic: By the People – God will protect the people

Points of Importance, Attention and Consequence

 You have a high degree of intuition when it comes to listening to what people are not saying. Others see you as having leadership potential but they may resent you for the same reason. You can be fussy about your physical space.  It needs to satisfy you and no one else. Sometimes you spend a lot of energy trying to get even the smallest detail right the first time.

Your highest note is associated with seekers of internal Truth. The balance between self expression and self worth resides with this note. Your highest note is associated with the expression of self power.  The issues of circulation and stamina reside with this note. Your highest note is associated with the expression of physically prioritizing. Personal control over what happens in your physical environment resides with this note.

Being able to prioritize what needs to be done emotionally is not always easy for you. Your metabolism shows to be a weak point in your vocal print. Ideas come to you in very odd moments when you are distracted by a required task. You can sometimes do too much for others in the hopes of helping them change.

Points of Communication, Complications and Complaints

 You understand that trust should be earned but often trust without reservation. It is particularly bothersome when people use or borrow your property without permission. You work well with others and are often put in a leadership position.

You would like to have more time to spend on spiritual things. You have a hard time prioritizing what you want to do first. You wish someone could understand you without demanding a lot of conversation. You know how to get things done but don't always have the time to deal with the details.

Word Documents Provided by Sharry Edwards:

Edwards on Trump Voice Analysis at Alamo

Edwards on Pelosi I – Manipulation

Edwards on Pelosi II – Control Harm

Edwards on Pelosi III – God of Impeachment

Edwards on Bobulinski – Proving Biden Guilt

Edwards on Chinese Professor – Proof of Chinese Attacks

Edwrds on Crenshaw Against Pelosi

Edwards on Lyn (Sic) Wood as Truthful

Edwards on McConnell Good and Bad

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