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If things on Earth weren’t weird enough, the latest Cosmic Agency video takes things to another level. The Taygeteans retrieved two PCR tests (from the Boston area) and conducted their own analysis. Here is what they found.

The PCR swabs contain several chemicals for DNA harvesting and conservation plus a dozen nano-technology devices. These include 2-way GPS chips with WiFi microwave ability. These bots are more advanced than the rice size RFID chips and are the size of a grain of salt.

There are six (6) types of nano devices in each swab. One device smells people’s noses and runs the result through a spectrometer. Half the devices are mobile and can migrate to either the brain or the retina. All have nano-microphones with microwave interface. They are designed to see what we see and know what we are thinking as well as control hormonal secretions that affect our emotions. They have voice to skull capability as well as synthetic telepathy.

The body feeds these electrical devices. The nano devices are sensitive to EMPs and can be destroyed by 900 watts.
Our current communications grid system is powerful enough to send and receive transmissions to these devices, but 5G is needed to maximize efficiency.

The materials used in both the PCR tests and vaccines are all earth-based and include aluminum, titanium, gold and silver.

But wait – it gets even weirder! The Taygeteans have detected sensor inhibitor technology over Washington, D.C. This is an electro-magnetic high energy bubble (frequency disruptor) used by ET races to conceal things from spaceships. This suggests some kind of alien invasion or activity taking place in the Capitol. Reports of UFO sightings are increasing. There is clearly more going on than meets the eye. The Taygeteans suspect the involvement of the Maitre, a.k.a. Tall Greys. They are a regressive race that was genetically engineered by the Reptilians from a plant species and little greys. They have no empathy and are bent on domination and enslavement of other species. The Taygeteans are concerned that they may no longer be in hiding as the awakening of the people has accelerated the plan to depopulate the Earth. The Taygeteans are studying the situation and will report back as they learn more.

Personal Observations:

I tend to believe the analysis of the PCR tests as these technologies have already been used in top secret programs. With respect to the situation in Washington, it is possible that we are being set up for the ultimate false flag event – an alien invasion. Perhaps we will see the Space Force come to the rescue. According to insiders, this scenario has been discussed. This would pave the way for a transition to a military government that the people would gladly accept. Just some thoughts.


The Taygetan contact is real. A crew of 32 is in 452km Earth orbit.

How do I know? They contacted my father, in writing, an MSEE and MD to prepare the information on what happened in Wuhan and elsewhere. I uploaded it all here:

The theory:

The evidence:

This is just the flu-shot. The Triple shot is worse and the Covid shot is straight from hell.

And so is the Covid nose test. Check it out:


Yes the Targeta are correct. We already have human doctors like Dr. Carrie Madej making videos presenting this info so it is verified by several doctors.

The frequency disruption around Wash DC is likely being done purposely by the Deep State (maybe CIA/NSA) in collusion with the tall greys. Nothing new about this or the tech. Again sadly our military works with various races some with highly dubious intentions.
The military are aware they are working on a double-edged sword in these matters of course. The would choose to because of former alliances and agreements that they continue to honor because they think the value outweighs the liabilities.

Of course the liabilities involve sacrificing more people to Grey experiments and genetic manipulation etc.

Sad fact of life on Earth. We not only need to clean up the swamp we need to come to terms with cleaning up the dealings the various military alliances forged over the years.

But one thing that is interesting about this frequency fence (as I call it) set up around DC, is what happens when March 4th comes around… Perhaps the military good guys will force shut it down so they can operate there.

What a mess!

OK to publish my above comments in total. I also warn that in spite of the Taygetean analysis being helpful I would caution that that race is also not above working for their own self interest in this equation.

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