Journal: America Is Fed Up: Two Wings, Same (Corrupt) Bird. ENOUGH!

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Listen to Audio of Interview
Listen to Audio of Interview

Gerald Celente on Financial Newshour Aug 21 2009

The Republicans and the Democrats are the same club , People have had it and won’t take it anymore

The people have had it and won’t take it anymore, people are losing everything , they are losing their homes , they have lost their jobs , they have lost their pension, they can see and smell a crook when they can see and smell them, and the crooks are in Washington and Wall street , people are not that stupid when we bailout banks and give them hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars and then they scheme of the top and gave themselves bonuses after losing billions, this is about The People have had it and won’t take it anymore….this is going to last and continue to build in momentum …the second American revolution has begun and the media is missing it  the first three shot have been fired, The Greatest depression is on hold for now , the democrats and republicans are the same club.

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Journal: Junk Politics, Brand Obama, and Empire as Usual–From the Left, a Slam Heard Round the World

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John Pilger (AU)
John Pilger (AU)

John Richard Pilger (born 9 October 1939) is an Australian journalist and documentary maker. He has twice won Britain’s Journalist of the Year Award, and his documentaries have received academy awards in Britain and the US.[1][2] Based in London, he is known for his polemical campaigning style: “Secretive power loathes journalists who do their job, who push back screens, peer behind façades, lift rocks. Opprobrium from on high is their badge of honour.”

Below is a slam on “Brand Obama” as a continuation of Empire as Usual that is being heard around the world.  It is rocketing through the YouTube circles, being Twittered, and could well be the first real articulation of the left waking up to the fact that Wall Street owns the White House.  The Brzezinski/CIA backdrop is touched upon–we anticipate Bob Gates being “sacrificed” and John Hamry replacing him in January, all as part of Washington “theater for the masses.” John Hamry is of course Zbigniew Brzezinski’s caretaker or ward, take your pick. “Junk Politics” and “Empire of Illusion” are touchstone phrases.

Left Slams Brand Obama

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Journal: A Marine’s Eye-View of Afghanistan

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AF Burning
AF Burning

11 August [sic]

Tip of the hat to MILINET

I received this from a friend who didn’t know that Mitch “Taco” Bell is the son of very good friends from my church.  He is an airline pilot who was in the USMC reserves and several years ago volunteered to return to active duty and requested service in Iraq.  He’s got a great web site, the link to which he provides in his message, that is well worth looking at.  I’m not sure who is the original sender of Mitch’s message.   Best, Jim

1. Mitch “Taco” Bell, our area Marines For Life Commander, gives his AARep/SitRep  of the situation in Afghanistan.  This is not some superficial product of a dilitante, but rather an insightful, unvarnished, and candid analysis that shows the military professionalism that exits in our field grade officer Corps.

These are some of my thoughts on Afghanistan.  It’s long, but if you think the others would like to read it, please pass it on or send the link

Semper Fi,


“How do you fix a problem like Maria???”

The song from the Sound of Music reverberates in my head as I sit here thinking about the situation in Afghanistan. How do you fix a problem like Afghanistan? When I tell folks that I served in Kabul, I think the number one question asked of me is, “What do you think will happen in Afghanistan?” I hate to say that my reply isn’t always positive. Our job there, and in Iraq, has come at a great price for America and her allies, and I firmly believe there are still lots of bad guys there who need to be given the chance to meet their maker, but maybe we need to change how we do business. These are my personal insights on the war there, good, bad or indifferent. They do not reflect the opinions of the Marine Corps or the administration.

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Journal: Weak Signals–Unclaimed Dead

Cultural Intelligence

Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Death in the Recession: More Bodies Left Unburied


Fri Aug 7, 3:50 am ET

Have economic times gotten so bad that some of the dead are going unburied? Several large counties across the country are experiencing unprecedented increases in the number of unclaimed deceased – not only because the dead people could not be identified, were indigent or were estranged from their family, but also apparently because more people simply cannot afford to bury or cremate their loved ones. The phenomenon has increased costs for local governments, which have to dispose of the bodies.

. . . . . . .

Samuels, a retired police officer who has been with the medical examiner’s office for 13 years, says he’s never seen the situation this bad. “Some people just never had the money, but now we’re getting people who at one time may have had the money to do this and they just can’t. We have people losing their homes. People are finally feeling the economic strain completely. When people don’t have jobs, you have people who can’t eat, so burying someone is not high up on their list of what they have to do.”

+++++++Phi Beta Iota Editorial Comment+++++++

Cremation Article
Cremation Article

The Obama Administration appears oblivious to the pain and suffering sweeping across America.  The grass-roots anger is emergent and we agree with those who anticipate violence as well as non-negotiable demands for free and open elections in 2010.

Whiles costs vary, from $750 for a county burial to $7,500 and up for a formal burial, it costs from zero to $750 for cremation.  Some religions forbid cremation and some, such as the Roman Catholic church, demand burial of cremated remains, which we consider a scam to keep the burial end of church revenue alive (pun intended).  Click on the grpahic for a link to a first-class review of cremation at Wiki-pedia.  In our view, for real estate as well as health reasons, the world is eventually going to have to go toward an end to cemeteries, and cremation or serial burial in reusable land.

Review: Descent into Chaos–The United States and the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia

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Amazon Page
Amazon Page

Ahmed Rashid

5 out of 5 stars Broad but Nuanced, Exudes Intelligence,Absorbing Speaking of Truth, June 17, 2009

Among the observations from the author”

1. U.S. has destabilized the world after 9-11, not made it safer.

2. Pakistan is the key to peace in the region, but the US has been totally taken in by Musharraf and his army and ISI colleagues, all of whom have played the US (easily) for the total fool.

3. “No coherence to US tactics and strategy” combined with a collapsed Cabinet system and “ruinous laws” making torture the norm.

4. Pashtuns lacked leadership on the ground for decades, a major reason why they did not counter the Taliban

5. If Pakistan is the key to peace in the region, Uzbekistan is the key to future war, mixing as it does the worst of dictatorial tyranny (I know, tautologically redundant, enjoy) with deep Islamic fundamentalism.

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