Mongoose: Conceptual Map & Image

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Alert Reader has provided the two below images.

The first is provocative at a kindergarten level and the second is both simplistic and inaccurate. Both leave out most of the major players.

Both are useful to shifting through from the 1% to those above them, but as Penny Kelly has pointed out, the negative stellars appear to be on the run, humanity is rising to its potential with support from positive stellars, and from where we sit, everyone is either making the deal or dying.  WE HAVE IT ALL.

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Ellen Brown: Nature’s Own Fuel Could Save Us From the Greenhouse Effect and Electric Grid Failure

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Ellen Brown

Nature’s Own Fuel Could Save Us From the Greenhouse Effect and Electric Grid Failure

Hemp fuel and other biofuels could quickly reduce carbon emissions while saving the electric grid, but they're often overlooked for more expensive, high-tech climate solutions.

On July 14, the European Union unveiled sweeping climate change and emissions targets that would, according to Gulf News, mean “the end of the internal combustion engine”:

The commission’s draft would reduce permitted emissions from new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to zero from 2035 – effectively obliging the industry to move on to battery-electric models.

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Matt Ehret: The Eugenics Roots of the Great Reset: 100 Years to Flatten the Curve

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The Eugenics Roots of the Great Reset: 100 Years to Flatten the Curve

If you are not aware of the role of Anglo-American financiers and industrialists who brought Hitler to power, or Franklin Roosevelt's combat with those same forces then promoting a “Great Reset” bankers dictatorship as the supposed solution to the great depression, or if you are not aware of the fact that those same forces that brought fascism into the world in the first place, avoided all punishment during the Nuremburg Tribunals while regrouping into a new modus operandi after 1945, then this lecture is for you.

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Joseph Farrell: Transhumanist AI as Slave System

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Every now and then I get an article that I want to blog about, and talk about, but that is so overwhelming in the sheer… well, audacity of its evil, that it's all I can do to link the article at all. This one, shared by W.G., leaves me almost speechless. It's hard to admit that behind the warmly smiling faces, the connections to various western government agencies, that we're dealing with just plain evil, in this case, an evil that wants to extend the evil to the surveillance of infants, and where's there's surveillance of that type, there's slavery, and a will to power that knows no bounds. Here's the article:

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Ed Jewett: SecDef, Doomsday Plan, Weak Signal Update on Non-Terrestial Crystal Plus to Deconflict Flight Paths

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E-4B “Doomsday Plane” Just Made A Highly Unusual Visit To Secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport

Via: The Warzone:

In a highly unusual move, one of the U.S. Air Force’s E-4B Nightwatch aircraft, also known as National Airborne Operations Centers, or NAOCs, touched down today at Tonopah Test Range Airport (TTR), one of the most famous secretive aircraft operating locations in the United States, only surpassed by nearby Area 51. What might have triggered this highly unusual visit is puzzling, to say the least, but it seems it could (me must stress could) have been related to a possible visit to the facility by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III.

Confirmation of the E-4B’s arrival into TTR was provided using data available from open-source flight data website ADS-B Exchange, with the jet, serial number 74-0787, using the TITAN25 callsign usually assigned when the Secretary of Defense is onboard.

UPDATE: [Ed.: The E4B was being outfitted with the latest in non-terrestrial crystals, receivers and cryptographic technology so that the US might be able to differentiate (IFF )and vector our ships and aircraft out of their way.]