Wayne Jett: The Deep State / Democratic – RINO Fear of a US-Russian Alliance . . .

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(Minus Communist Cold War)

Cutting to the chase, the central motive for this illicit conduct by Democrat and Republican operatives of the globalist cabal has been to prevent a break-through alliance between the two super-powers, America and Russia, which would be capable of preventing the globalist dictatorship goal of the cabal from ever being achieved.

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Jack Mullen: Where the Constitution Meets the People

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Where the Constitution Meets the People

It is in the Counties of the States of America where the Constitution meets the people. County governments STILL retain Constitutional powers that can restore liberty and rights to the people. It is at the County level where Americans can take back their nation. County Sheriffs have Constitutional jurisdiction over ALL other forms of “law” enforcement.

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Yoda: Constitution — and Sheriffs — Emergegent

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CSPOA: Over 40 Sheriffs Stand Against Governor Newsom in California! Time to Deputize Posses?

Retired Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), has been training county sheriffs for more than a decade on how to keep their oath of office.

Now, due to the excessive tyrannical COVID dictates terrorizing the nation, there is a new-found demand for the services of CSPOA, and they recently started a monthly “Ask Sheriff Mack Any Question You Wantcall-in program to educate people on the Constitutional role of County Sheriffs.

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