Benjamin Fulford: Rockefeller-Biden Imploding, Suez Ship, Evergreen Truck, & More

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Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It

The coup carried out in the United States by the Rockefeller family and their Council on Foreign Relations slaves is falling apart as the world shuns this heinous crime family. Following the exit of Donald Trump, there is a growing consensus among the power elite that Joe Biden’s fake presidency is becoming a disaster movie. That is why a third alternative is being worked on at the highest levels of world power, multiple secret society sources say.

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Robert Steele: US Intelligence Still Fucked Up Beyond Belief

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I note with amusement the recent “discovery” by Carmen Medina, once  a good person but now swallowed whole by the Deep State, and CSIS, always a tool of the Deep State, both now agreeing that we need an Open Source Agency….without mention of me.  Never mind that the I got this into the Aspin-Brown Commission Report and with help from Kevin Scheid into the 9/11 Commission Report; never mind that I got OMB to approve this twice at $2B a year FOC.  These miserable fucks will never get it right.

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Event: 17 April 2021 Robert Steele on EARTH 4.0: After the Defeat of Empire, The Rise of Humanity as Lords of Light and Love

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EPIC. This will be Robert’s final presentation in the Washingon, D.C. area as he prepare to move out of the region and also lead the national tour, ARISE USA!  The Resurrection Tour, details at

James Fetzer: David Icke on 16 Parallels Between 9/11 and COVID — Fear & Control Based on Lies & Treason

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David Icke, 16 Glaring Parallels Between the 9/11 and COVID Ops

List Only:

  1. MSM and Governments Amp Up the Fear with Incessant Coverage and Propaganda
  2. Governmental Reaction Kills Way More People than the Event Itself
  3. No Investigation of Coincidences
  4. Introduction of a Fundamental New Paradigm (War on Terror vs. War on Bioterror)
  5. 9/11 COVID Similarities: False Official Narratives
  6. Foreknowledge
  7. Event Preceded by Exercises/Drills that “Went Live” or Eerily Mimicked What Later Happened
  8. Insider Trading
  9. Suspicious Benefits to a Powerful Few
  10. Intel Agency Control of Information
  11. Fictitious, All-Powerful and Elusive Enemy
  12. Junk Science

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