Officers’ Call–Conversation About Iraq I

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Iraq Truth in Eight Pages
Iraq Truth in Eight Pages

One of the great things about being the touchstone for public intelligence is the contacts that are made by students, officers and enlisted personnel serving in the field, and so many others.

While we were in Denmark, an officer now serving in Iraq sent us some questions that we answered to the best of our ability.  The questions alone are listed here.  For the answers, click on the cover.

1. We never should have invaded Iraq. I have a less developed opinion on Afghanistan, but if I had to say one way or another, that was probably a mistake as well.

Do these mistakes fall solely on the Bush administration?

Was the administrating that incompetent or did they have an immoral and selfish reason such as fleecing the U.S.?

Was it shortsighted political gain objectives with an underestimation of the downside?

We will have at least double the amount of dead service members before these conflicts are over as were killed during the 9/11 attacks.  I read somewhere that we have 75,000 amputees due to the two conflicts not to mention the amount of PTSD.  Who has the blood on their hands? Certainly nobody is willing to admit mistakes.

I don't understand how Cheney can even think about spouting off after how the conflicts have gone. Where is the cost vs gain analysis?

2. Once we did invade, we didn't have a solid plan and we didn't bring nearly enough troops if we planned on staying. Was this mainly Rumsfeld's fault?

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Interview: Robert Steele on Echo Chamber 2006

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First shot at 21st Century Budget:

$200 billion for military
$200 billion for peace
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