Review (Guest): Who Really Killed Kennedy? 50 Years Later – Stunning New Revelations About the JFK Assassination

5 Star, Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Impeachment & Treason, Intelligence (Government/Secret), Power (Pathologies & Utilization), Secrecy & Politics of Secrecy
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Jerome R. Corsi

5.0 out of 5 stars The New Bush/Dulles Free Trade World Order and the Assassination of JFK, December 1, 2013

Herbert L. Calhoun


On page 317, of this book, “Who Really Killed Kennedy 50 years later: Stunning new revelations about the JFK assassination,” the author, Jerome R. Corsi, summarizes the consequences of a nation willing to sit idly by and accept as a permanent fait accompli, having their elected leader shot down in cold blood, as follows:

“After fifty years of US government disinformation and deliberate stonewalling, researchers are just at the edge of discovering the truth about how and why JFK was assassinated in one of the greatest crimes in US history — a coup d’etat in which rogue groups, including the highest intelligence services in the land, conspired to remove JFK from the presidency and to place LBJ in the White House. The consequence of this conspiracy are immeasurable, if only because a group of traitors successfully flouted the constitution and got away with it.”

Corsi goes on to say that: ” … History will need to be rewritten to condemn those responsible as traitorous criminals. While prosecutions may no longer be possible simply because so many of the involved parties have already died, justice can be served by setting the historical record straight. At this late date, any attempt by the US government to withhold from the public documents pertaining to the JFK assassination should be deemed by Congress to be a continuation of the traitorous act that killed JFK.”

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Review: The Obama Nation–Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality

4 Star, Politics

Obama NationPart of a Larger Story, Needs Filter AND Much Broader Reading, September 7, 2008

Jerome R. Corsi

EDIT of 20 Oct 08 to add link to even more detailed and philosophically grounded Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

As reluctant as I was to engage with this author and this book, I have to confess that it is an essential point of view. The author and the “facts” as well as the “context” all require very rigorous filters, and cannot be taken at face value.

That having been said, I am one of those who was at first enthusiastic about Obama and then fell back for multiple reasons including the centrality of Dr. Bzezinski as his primary foreign policy advisor (Bzezinski is the guy who gave Pakistan the go on the Sunni nuclear bomb, and it is that, not the USA, that drives the Iranian Shi’ite nuclear program); the arrogance and unwillingess to meet in the center; the dependency on the Democratic party mafia; the one way “I talk you listen” attitude; and lastly, the gutless selection of a good but old man, Joe Biden, when curbing his insecurities and ego to select Hillary Clinton would have won it in a walk.

Below are reviews that will help put this book in context:

The OTHER two attack books on Obama, the first not noticed and VERY important to understanding why I finally went with McCain (pre-Palin):
Obama – The Postmodern Coup
The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate

On how BOTH parties and Congress need draconian overthrow:
Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About It
Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders
The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How to Get It Back on Track (Institutions of American Democracy)

My generally favorable reviews of Obama’s two books (his only accomplishments to date other than co-sponsoring one piece of legislation with Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK):
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance
The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream (Vintage)

In my view, America must vote for the team most likely to have both the strength to force the military-industrial complex to redirect jobs and production lines from war to peace (reform CAN be job and revenue neutral from district to district) and the strength to break the backs of both party mafias and restore participatory democracy. Only you can decide the answer to that objective, but I hope you all agree it is relevant.

Books with hope for our future:
The Tao of Democracy: Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World That Works for All
Society’s Breakthrough!: Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People