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Although the search yields appropriate results, this is a good opportunity to highlight the history and intent of the various mottos of this public intelligence endeavor.

Ex Veritate Potens.  This was the motto of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center (MCIA), co-founded by Col Walter J. Breede III and his Special Assistant and Deputy Director Robert Steele.  It was inspired by a mix of the US Naval Academy motto (Breede is USNA ’68) and the CIA motto (Steele is a veteran of the CIA clandestine service).

Ex Sciencia Tridens + Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free (John 8:32)

When Open Source Solutions, Inc. (later Open Source Solutions Network, Inc.) was created, it adopted the informal MCIA motto, only to hear in 1994 from Winston Maiki (RIP) that the Latin was incorrect, that it should be E Veritate Potens (from truth, we (the people) are made powerful).  And so it became.

OSS.Net, Inc. went out of business in 2008 and closed its tax records in 2010.  The motto was adopted by its follow-on, the non-profit 501c3 Earth Intelligence Network, a Virginia corporation that is dormant at this time.

When Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog was created a few years ago, several quotations were assembled for the About page, generally focusing on the importance of the truth and the cost of dishonesty and the corruption of the truth.  At that time, founder Robert Steele refined a concept that has been on his mind since beginning to read about true cost economics as devised by Herman Daly, and composed the following:

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

More recently, inspired by the work of Doug Rushkoff and Venessa Miemis, and the long-running persistent championship of Michel Bauwens for Person to Person (P2P) global to local engagement, this web site, Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, devised a crude (Google translate) approximation of Connected We Are One: Connexum Sumus Unum.

Other translation sources became available, and Conexa Sunt Unum has been proposed. but not confirmed in part because Sunt appears to be external while Sumus is Of, By, and For We the People.  We await the intervention of a qualified Latin scholar, greatly missing our #1 OSINT Analyst, Winston Maiki.

In passing, Robert Garigue (RIP) is the original pioneer of the concept that all security is about truth–not about force of arms or prevention.  Security is about transparency, truth, and trust.  One could spend a lifetime thinking about and acting on this Nobel-level insight.  He is featured in the Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, see Garigue–together with Winston Maiki, he is one of the many angels that watch over this righteous endeavor.

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Who’s Who in Cyber-Intelligence: Robert Garigue

Alpha E-H, Cyber-Intelligence

Dr. Robert Garigue passed away 10 January 2007 at the age of 55.  He was the only person we knew then or know of today that was deliberately and completely integrating belief systems, knowledge, information, data, security, and technology as a single cyberspace.

He rose to early prominence and global respect among the information security and information warfare professionals who understood in the early 1990’s that cyber-space was becoming a rat’s nest of unmanageable and very vulnerable combinations of kludge hardware and sofware with built-in vulnerabilities–500 of them found by the National Security Agency (NSA) in just one year of checking shrink-wrapped products coming across the loading dock (1992).

He emerged as a leader from within the Canadian military, where as a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy of Canada he quickly became the leading specialist in this field, an advisor to flag officers and policy leaders.  After retirement he went on to become one of the leading proponents for deep broad cyber-security across the Canadian financial system.  As Vice President for Information Integrity and Chief Security Executive for Bell Canada, and as Chief Information Security Officer for the Bank of Montreal, he led the way in striving to recognize information security as a guarantor of truth & trust that enabled multinational information-sharing and sense-making, not as a series of Maginot Lines destroying both internal productivity and external effect.

Principal Works:

2006: Technical Preface by Robert Garigue from Information Operations – All Information, All Languages, All the Time

Robert Garigue on Advanced Information Operations

Robert Garigue: The New Information Security Agenda–Managing the Emerging Semantic Risks

Robert Garigue: The Evolving Role of the Chief Information Security Officer within the new structures of Information Systems

Gunnar Peterson on Robert Garigue’s Last Briefing

Robert Garigue: Early Work on Information Warfare (1995)

Robert Garigue: Carleton University Research Page


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Robert Garigue & Robert Steele: From Old IO to New IO

Advanced Cyber/IO, Analysis, Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Citizen-Centered, Collection, Earth Orientation, Geospatial, ICT-IT, Innovation, Languages-Translation, Leadership-Integrity, Multinational Plus, Policies-Harmonization, Processing, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence, Threats, Tribes, True Cost
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Old Information Operations (IO) is too focused on the “Maginot Line” of legacy technology badly integrated and poorly understood.  New Information Operations (IO) is the “Maneuver Warfare” of the Information Age.  The integrity is in the user and data, not the system. Truth & trust rather than deception & jamming are the primordal enablers.

This is an improvisation working off Robert Garigue’s slide, “Control Framework is a hierarchy of accountability structures”from his briefing,Robert Garigue: The New Information Security Agenda–Managing the Emerging Semantic Risks and Robert Steele’s slide, Epoch B Leadership.  It is NOT POSSIBLE to “command” cyber-security from the “top down.”  One can only build in accountability and resiliency–which is to say, intelligence and integrity–from the bottom up.  Education, not technology, is the core change agent.  Human-centered design driven by intelligence is the architect, NOT pseudo-engineering from contractors seeking profit at any cost.

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