Review: The Nazi Hydra in America – Suppressed History of a Century

4 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Atrocities & Genocide, Capitalism (Good & Bad), Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Misinformation & Propaganda, Science & Politics of Science, Secrecy & Politics of Secrecy, Threats (Emerging & Perennial)
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Glen Yeadon

4.0 out of 5 stars Lacks Visualization and Genealogy, A Good Start,March 3, 2012

I eagerly anticipated receipt of this book, but when it arrived I had two immediate reactions:

01) A serious work that offers new information about American corporations betraying the public interest; and

02) Totally lacking in visualizations and “trees” showing both the family trees of those like the Bushes that started out and stayed Nazi sympathizers; and those who entered the USA under CIA sponsorship after the war, and spawned multiple generations of neo-Nazi mind-sets with assets able to influence public policy.

Then I noticed Howard Zinn's jacket blurb (“A valuable history…shocking and sobering…deserves to be widely read”) and I mention that to make the point that my four star grade is one of disappointment at what could have been, NOT disappointment at what is. This is a very useful serious book, it needs to be redone.

I totally agree with another reviewer who expresses a desire for footnotes rather than endnotes. For works of this kind that are both controversial and revelatory, the notes needs to be as close to the text as possible.

This entire book strongly reinforces my long-standing view that every nation needs to have a very strong counterintelligence cadre to guard against both religious and corporate treason. The US was clearly infected with Nazi ideology, sympathy, and corruption, and this has clearly carried over into today's corporate immunity from government regulation, and the achievement of the virtual corporate state in the USA — in a word, neo-fascism.

The book is an excellent mix of material I was not familiar with, and material I have have encountered before. The latter tracks with what I have read from others, thus in my lay view authenticating the mew material.

For myself, the most interesting materials covers corporate treason in refusing to provide materials or allocate man-hours and machine-hours as requested for the war effort — this is another side of the corporate face, complementing the side that gains great profit from war.

What is missing from this book that would have fascinated me — apart from the visualizations and timelines — is the deeper story of how US corporate nazi sympathies and international banking zionist sympathies eventually converged into the 1% against the 99%.

The CIA is a constant in this book, but having worked for the CIA myself, I have to remind the reader that there are at least five CIAs: the White House CIA, the Wall Street CIA, the “nice” CIA that really does try to do good intelligence, the covert operations CIA (paramilitary, influence operations) and the rendition and torture CIA. A future President might well wish to break up the CIA and start over — I absolutely consider 90% of the CIA to be earnest and honest. A proper counterintelligence agency (what the FBI is supposed to be but is not) would be nailing down government, corporate, and religious traitors.

Allen Dulles is made out to be a traitor in this book. For me this is a useful teaching point. If one takes every major leader across the public and private sector, and examines their actual decisions, what are the criteria for establishing the degree to which they are loyal to the Constitution, what are the sources one must develop to make that determination, why are those sources not in use? To this one must add the deeper question of how education, intelligence / counter-intelligence, and research should be managed to achieve the highest possible ethics and avoid “contamination” by authoritarian and genocidal mind-sets.

So I suppose my bottom line on this book is that it is an eye-opener, but it does not go far enough in “processing” and in “visualizing” the information to help us lay people understand with greater precision the degree to which our public and private sectors are corrupted by the Nazi orientation – to which one must add today the Zionist orientation, the “new world order” orientation, the neo-Nazi eugenics/Forced Population Reducation orientation, and so on. Who actually represents “We the People” appears to be unclear and dangerously distant from the public interest.

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