Cynthia McKinney: Memorandum for the President 3.0

Cynthia McKinney

Robert Steele’s original Memorandum to the President, read by four million people world-wide, has been improved by Cynthia McKinney, co-founder of We the People — Unity for Integrity. It is provided below in full text and as a printable one-page document. We are certain Donald Trump, our legitimately-elected President, can be the greatest president ever, if he takes our hand.

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Angelo Codevilla: The Cold Civil War

Angelo Codevilla

The Cold Civil War

America is in the throes of revolution.   . . .   Our ruling class and their clients broadly view Biblical religion as the foundation of all that is wrong with the world.   . . .   The government apparatus identifies with the ruling class’s interests, proclivities, and tastes,…

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