Gilles Champollion: Banks Are Stealing Our Future–How To End This

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BANKS are stealing our future — How to put an end ?

The European Central Bank is not able to stop the crisis started in 2008, why? Is there a lack of macroeconomic models? Yes, of course, and it is under our noses since a century.

Kaliya “Identify Woman” Young: Humanizing Technology

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Kaliya Hamlin Young

Humanizing technology

It’s easier to turn technology in the direction of democracy and social justice when it’s developed with social and emotional intelligence..

One key element of the answer to that question is to generate a digital identity that is not under the control of a corporation, an organization or a government.

I have been co-leading the community surrounding the Internet Identity Workshop for the last 12 years. After many explorations of the techno-possibility landscape we have finally made some breakthroughs that will lay the foundations of a real internet-scale infrastructure to support what are called ‘user-centric’ or ‘self-sovereign’ identities.

Ole Dammegard: “Light on Conspiracies – how they are all connected.”

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