Yoda: Dr. Stella Immanuel Launches $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against CNN After Being Vindicated on Hydroxychloroquine

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Dr. Stella Immanuel Launches $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against CNN After Being Vindicated on Hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Stella Immanuel, the pro-hydroxychloroquine doctor who was derided by the fake news media for attempting to save lives near the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, is striking back against CNN.

Immanuel has launched a $100 million lawsuit against CNN and host Anderson Cooper for what she believes were false and defamatory statements made against her character.

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Ed Jewett: Zionists & Catholics Subverting USA – An Illegal Immigration Case Study

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Tip of the Hat to Gateway Pundit for another great look at how the Zionists (Red Mafiya never to be confused with Judaism) and Catholics are subverting the USA by enabling illegal immigration — this is part of the Marxist open borders, multiculturalism, anti-American agenda.

Delta, United Airlines Are Providing African Migrants Free Flights To The U.S.


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Robert Steele: DefenseOne Again Disgraces Itself on OSINT

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Promote Open Source to a Full Member of the Intelligence Community

The exploitation of publicly or commercially available information must be recognized alongside spies, signals intelligence, and other established branches of practice.

ROBERT STEELE: Are the authors of this piece, and the editors that approved its publication, truly unaware of my past?

Reference: The Mis-Information Dozen (Liars & Traitors Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity?)

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All the facts on these dirtier dozen:

• Dr. Anthony Fauci: 80-year-old director of the NIH’s division of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
• Dr. Robert Redfield: Ex-CDC director under Operation Warp Speed
• Klaus Schwab: Author of “Davos Manifesto” and “4th Industrial Revolution”
• Bill Gates: Computer virus whore turned vaccine pusher billionaire

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Robert Steele: Defense One Lacks Intelligence & Integrity

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Robert David Steele

I am never surprised by the lack of intelligence & integrity among such organizations as CSIS or NAPA, or publications such as DefenseOne, but I do confess to feeling sadness over the decades of wasted trillions, active crimes against humanity, and the opportunity cost of failing to implement my ideas in the 1990's. That I am not acknowledged is to be expected — these people are completely lacking in both intelligence and integrity.

How the Intelligence Community Can Get Better at Open Source Intel

Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman for noticing this.  I ignore them all.


Ed Jewett: US & State Government Criminal Complicity – Hunter Biden Case

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Delaware US Attorney Blocked Hunter Biden Warrants and Subpoenas in Order to Protect the Joe Biden 2020 Election Effort

Baselines are always important when reviewing information; I cannot stress this enough. When the corrupt instititional officials within the DOJ and FBI need to justify their corrupt activity, or get out in front of any exposure of their corrupt activity, they consistently run to two media outlets, The New York Times and Politico. [State Dept use CNN, Intelligence Community use Washington Post] This is the one constant you will notice in all reporting.

Matthew Ehret: The Great Reset Fraud

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The Great Reset Fraud
Like everyone, I would love to live in a pollution-free world.

I would love to see human civilization strike a balance with nature and at the risk of sounding like a naïve idealist, I sincerely do believe that this is ultimately our destiny as a species.

My personal experience has led me to the conclusion that we have only failed to achieve this paradigm as a species due to the system (and cultural influence) of oligarchism which has managed to stubbornly sink its claws parasitically onto its host for a few too many generations- corrupting and perverting everything that it dominates.

Due to the pervasiveness of oligarchism, mass exploitation, wars and pollution have lain waste to ecosystems and countless human lives alike, and as the neo-liberal order continues to careen towards the inevitable breakdown of a 2 quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble which our un-repenta

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