Yoda: Trump Under Attack, Trump On Attack?

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We have no direct knowledge. 

Under Attack:

New $80M Anti-Trump Network Spearheaded by Soros-Funded Org With Former ACORN Employees

Network will focus on pushing back against voter laws leading up to the 2018 and 2020 elections

On Attack & Working With China?

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Patrick Buchanan: Has Trump Abandoned His Base and Turned Foreign Policy Over to Neo-Conservatives and Their Captive Generals?

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Patrick Buchanan


The rise of the generals

Pat Buchanan on foreign policy: ‘What happened to the Trump of 2016?’

President Trump’s seeming renunciation of an anti-interventionist foreign policy is the great surprise of the first 100 days, and the most ominous. For any new war could vitiate the Trump mandate and consume his presidency.

Who is behind the seeming conversion of Trump to hawk?

The generals, Bibi Netanyahu and the neocons, congressional hawks with Cold War mindsets, the Saudi royal family and the Gulf Arabs – they are winning the battle for the president’s mind.

Stephen E. Arnold: China Is An Innovation Gold-Mine

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Stephen E. Arnold

China is a gold mine for innovation, says head of Chinese robot firm

“I’ve been to the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, and Israel, and the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in China are just as good — in some respects it’s actually better,” Yu told CNBC. That’s because China is already a pretty tech-savvy place and firms continue investing in R&D, according to Yu, who added that the country’s giant manufacturing machine means everything can happen in one place.