Matt Ehret: China and Russia: The New Guarantors for Justice in the Face of a Self-Cannibalizing West

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China and Russia have made it absolutely clear that they recognize the sad fact that the oligarchy in firm control of the western alliance is adamantly intent on burning all possible diplomatic avenues of cooperation and dialogue as the Hindenburg of the western financial system continues to careen towards a fiery oblivion.

It didn’t take long for the behaviorist zombies and NATO-philes managing the recent U.S. color revolution to undo any remnant of hope that some form of sane foreign policy might emerge from the U.S. establishment.

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Matt Ehret: China Hit With Sobering Splash of Reality as Alaskan Talks Melt Under Heat of U.S. Belligerence

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Going into the March 18 diplomatic talks between U.S. and Chinese delegates to discuss the long-term strategic interests of the two nations, China projected a largely positive hope that the days of military aggression, trade wars, sanctions and interference into China’s affairs which characterized much of the past 8 years might finally be coming to an end.

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Matt Ehret: Canadian Hypocrisy Shines Embarrassingly With New Accusations of China’s Muslim Genocide

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Canadian Hypocrisy Shines Embarrassingly With New Accusations of China’s Muslim Genocide 

This week, the Canadian parliament, became the second nation of the Five Eyes (after the USA) to pass a motion condemning China as a promulgator of genocide against its Muslim population living in Xinjiang with all 266 parliamentarians representing all four federal parties joining in the dangerous game.

BUT: China has managed to both find a sustainable cure for terrorism without destroying a single nation, while providing a foundation for extending the Belt and Road into the Middle East and beyond, Matthew Ehret writes.

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Mongoose: China’s Penetration of US Academia — Serious But Far Behind UK and Israel — Comment and RDS 1975 Paper on PRC Influence Network

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Alert Reader writes in:

The CCP program to infiltrate American academia to steal U.S. tax payer funded research results is the Thousand Talents Program.

It aims, under the cover of an “intellectual exchange program,” to steal , U.S. taxpayer funded research, and intellectual property from U.S. universities funded by the DOD, NIH, NSF, and other large federal funders. The CCP is succeeding at a rapid pace that threatens U.S. economic, and military security.

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Unz Report: China’s Reality — America’s False Propaganda?

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China: A Cold Shower

It’s only a lump. It will probably go away.

Fred Reed

…if you watch what the Chinese are actually doing, you may get the impression that China is largely ignoring the American military and letting the US spend itself to death while Beijing focuses on commerce, business, R-and-D, commerce, the economy, education, technology, and more commerce. You might additionally get the idea that China is a confident, well-governed, energetic people on a roll and doing quite well in the inventive department. The snippets below may support this impression of technical and economic vitality.

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Ed Jewett: Joseph Farrell – IT’S OFFICIAL: ARECIBO RADIO TELESCOPE TO BE DEMOLISHED — Is US At War with China? Is There A Space War Also Going On?

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Joseph Farrell

I've been entertaining the idea that there may be some sort of covert warfare going on between the USA and China, and that the floods in China, and the covid narrative, may be components of that warfare. So here's today's high octane speculation. What if there was a suspicious “signal like” transmission, that only the very largest radio telescopes, such as the one in southwestern China, or Puerto Rico's Arecibo, was able to pick up? And what if one, or the other party in this covert warfare wanted to prevent its opposite number from hearing it? What would one do?

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