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Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee

Tom Atlee is the single most important person responsible for introducing Robert Steele to the emerging concepts of Public Intelligence and Collective Intelligence.  Apart from all the books (Smart Mobs, Here Comes Everybody, Groundswell, Army of Davids , Here Comes Everybody, etcetera), it is Tom Atlee who has been the catalyst for convergence across all the issue areas.  He is to People what Paul Ray is to polling.  Tom is the god-father of the American Public Renaissance, and if we do ultimately take back the power and restore sanity to the Republic and the federal government that is a SERVICE, nothing more, it will be because Tom Atlee was himself.  Please support him.  Below are a number of headlines from his latest effort to raise funds for the Co-Intelligence Institute.  Tom Atlee personifies the center of gravity for America the Good.  Please donate as little or as much as you are inspired to give to this national hero.

Summer 2009  CII fundraiser  progress report:

Funds raised so far:  $3571   //  Target:  $15,000
Percentage of needed funds raised so far: 23.8 %
Dear friends,

US media are abuzz with the controversy over health care reform and
disruptions of so-called “town hall meetings”.

News media could contribute to the health of democracy far more by
giving at least equal time to

*  the many instances in which high quality public conversations
translate political differences into greater understanding

*  the creative thinking going on in the dialogue and
deliberation professional community about how to make public
conversations more positive and productive and

*  the ways that public officials could improve their dialogic
engagement with constituencies — approaches that citizens could
demand their representatives put into practice.

Furthermore, news media could also actually convene high quality
public conversations, as envisioned by Journalism that Matters
visionary and process maven Peggy Holman in her recent KOSMOS article (which
describes, among many other journalistic innovations, my vision of
how journalism can contribute to community intelligence).

This is a teachable moment.  We can use the media buzz about the
conflicts and dysfunctions of our political life as a carrier wave
for our visions of a more vibrant and wise democracy.

Peggy Holman suggests there is one more question journalists should
ask after they get answers to the classic news questions of Who,
What, When, Where, Why, and How.  That question defines an emerging
field of “possibility journalism” — “What is possible now?” http://

Both our media and government will only move towards higher forms of
democracy to the extent we demand it.  So let's demand it.



Upgrading the Way We Do Politics

Millions of Voices: A Blueprint for Engaging the American Public in
National Policy-Making: (pdf)
Offers a plan for National Discussions that will engage more than one
million Americans in substantive deliberations about public issues.

Core Principles for Public Engagement
These seven principles were developed collaboratively by leaders in
citizen engagement, and have been endorsed by over 50 organizations.

Discussion Guides on Healthcare
– Coping with the Cost of Health Care: How Do We Pay for What We
Need? (National Issues Forums):
– Citizens Survival Kit on Health Care (Public Agenda): http://


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