Review: A Memoir of Injustice

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Jerry Ray, Tamara Carter

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid Support for THE Book on USG Assassination of MLK,January 17, 2012<

I am unemployed and cannot afford books the way I once could, so my review is actually applause from the sidelines, and a pointer–something I can still do as the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, toward THE book:

An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (Updated)

MLK was assassinated at the direction of J. Edgar Hoover, with the active collaboration of the U.S. Army, and one suspects with at least the tacit knowledge of Lyndon Johnson, himself complicit in the assassination of JFK. I note with reverence that Bobby Kennedy calmed a major crowd with a voice close to that of MLK, only to be himself assassinated later. On JFK see:

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YouTube: Dr. Paul Ray New Political Compass (Green)

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Paul Ray (Green)

Posted 31 August 2008 this actually dates back to 2004 coincident with the Democratic Convention.  Paul Ray is introduced by Jim Garrison, and presents new information with respect to 87% of the US electorate believing Earth should be treated as a living system.

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Graphic: Non-Partisan Reality-Based Governance

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Facing Page Graphic in ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig (EIN, 2008),  used with permission from Dr. Paul Ray, “The New Political Compass” (2004), adapted with addition of emerging zero-waste circle, provided in original form via electronic mail.

2009 Paul Ray New Emerging Culture in the USA

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Full Source Online

What we found very early on was that the values that predict well do not depend on personal psychology, but rather that they differ by three subcultures: Traditional, Modern and Trans-Modern. The latter are the Cultural Creative population, and this was the first research to show that ecology values and spiritual-psychological values made a difference to people’s lifestyles, and to their stance as voters. Because they are cultural, the values we measured are slow to change, unlike attitudes and opinions, and the business cycle has very little effect on them (though it affects people’s ability to pay for what they want).

It’s the way cultures construe reality that matters. Thus, a financial materialism measure is part of what identifies the Modernist subculture, and an ecological measure is part of what identifies the emerging culture of the planet, and the Cultural Creatives. When we put them into a context of politics, they are at the opposite ends of a larger dimension, the tense opposition between a powerful, but recently wounded, business conservatism, versus a large and growing group of new ecological and planetary concerns, which grew out of all the new social movement values and beliefs. The surprise that then emerges across all cultural creatives studies is that this takes on the flavor of something very consequential.

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