Journal: How NOT to Decide on Afghanistan

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Failure of HUMINT
Failure of HUMINT

The Real Reason for More Troops in Afghanistan

Michael Gaddy    October 20, 2009Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of our quest for empire over the past six decades realizes that Obama’s contemplation of whether to send additional troops to Afghanistan is simply those who control him providing Obama with the opportunity to look “presidential.” The decision to send additional troops was reached prior to the situational comedy of General McChrystal’s leaked “confidential report” to the Washington Post and Obama’s National Security Advisor’s public admonishment of McChrystal’s failure to follow the chain of command. All of this is nothing but a well-rehearsed, though poorly camouflaged hoax. Additional troops will be sent to Afghanistan within a very short period of time and Obama really has no say in the matter. The question is: why?

Could it be the US-installed puppet government in Afghanistan has new suitors who represent a very real threat to the United State’s control of Afghanistan and her abundant natural resources? Is the entry of Russia and Chinese influence into Afghanistan the real reason for the need for more troops?   …  Were the US/UK coalition (NATO) allowed to solidify its position in Afghanistan, it would create a territorial split between Russia, China and Iran. Russia will do whatever is necessary to prevent this growth of power and influence in the region, I believe.

Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Additional Story:

Winning Over the Taliban? Fat Chance

Nathan Hodge

WIRED Magazine

October 19, 2009

Phi Beta Iota: Click on the headline to read the Full Story Online.  We are not privy to all that the President and his advisors know, but we do know three things:

1.  These are smart people with good intentions.

2.  They are trapped in a really rotten system that does not do inter-agency or multi-national information sharing and sense-making and is incable of supporting near and long-term strategic thinking with deep historical, cultural, geospatial, and holistic attributes.

3.  They are focused on the two little red boxes in the above illustration, and ignoring all else because they lack a strategic analytic model and have no appreciation for the urgency of achieving both a balanced budget and a moral balance at home and abroad.

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