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Great search, thank you.

The OSS-EIN solution for this problem is as follows:

1.  All World Language human linguist-interpreters

2.  Telelanguage (an open source software) registration for in-house and for-fee linguists

3.  Via InfoSphere AB in Sweden, European graduate students fluent in the target language and competent in English, French, or German also

It was the latter that allowd us to find, evaluate, and report on 396 terrorist, insurgent, and opposition web sites in 29 languages over the the course of 60 days for under $60,000 in 1997.  We still do this today, using cover support plans as needed.

The solution requires that the client not be an idiot and demand US citizenship and any kind of US clearance for translations that can be handled in near real time.  For example, captured Dari documents inthe field should be digitized within minutes and translated within hours.  Anyone that cannot do this for our troops fighting in the field should be fired.

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