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Intelligence Minuteman Dr. Ron Paul
Intelligence Minuteman Dr. Ron Paul
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Full Story Online

Dr. Ron Paul calls Obama's H1N1 swine flu program a ‘total failure'

Rep. Ron Paul, the 11-term Republican congressman from Texas who mobilized millions of supporters and about $35 million for his unsuccessful presidential run last year, has added the federal government's faltering flu immunization program to his list of things worthy of denunciation.

A medical doctor himself, Paul, who at 74 is older even than John McCain, sees the Obama administration's oft-delayed H1N1 swine flu immunization plan as typical of many government-run programs — poorly planned, overloaded, inefficient, too expensive, late and quite possibly not even necessary.

Just another government grab for more federal power, as he puts it in a video….

Ron Paul: False Recovery is Under Way

The problem, as he describes it, is that the market has yet to cleanse itself of the dirtiest misfires experienced throughout the previous asset bubbles. Instead, we see government handouts coming to an artificial rescue. Worse still, the money to fund them is being squeezed out of taxpayers, conjured up from Treasury debt sales, or simply printed with a blatant disregard for the consequences. None of these strategies is sustainable and all put the nation at risk, in different ways, of hyperinflation.

To quote Dr. Paul, “I am reminded of the outlook in 1930, when the experts were certain that the worst of the Depression was over and that recovery was just around the corner. The economy and stock market seemed to be recovering, and there was optimism that the recession, like many of those before it, would be over in a year or less. Instead, the interventionist policies of Hoover and Roosevelt caused the Depression to worsen, and the Dow Jones industrial average did not recover to 1929 levels until 1954.”

His full article on being prepared for the worst is available from Forbes Magazine.

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