Journal: Haiti Highlights Death of US C4I

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Things are going to get a lot worse in Haiti before they get better, and that was never clearly articulated by the President, State Department, SOUTHCOM, or Rajiv Shah to the American people, who may begin to doubt our governments efforts in the very near future. President Obama is positioned to take a political hit for what happens over the next 48-72 hours for apparently having advisors who are treating Haiti as anything but the most important event of his political career to date.

Phi Beta Iota: The USG, the US IC, and DoD have been told for 21 years, beginning with General Al Gray's 1989 article, “Global Intelligence Challenges in the 1990's,” and ending most recently with General Mike Flynn's Fixing Intel–A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan, that they are not being serious about Open Sources, Multinational Engagement, the Eight Tribes, and on and on and on.  We need a Defense Open Source Center (DOSC) with an embedded Multinational Decision Support Center (MDSC) that simultaneously creates a global grid with the 90 countries that have OSINT centers within their military C4I structure, and regional grids that are under the control and in the service of the various regional unions, beginning with UNASUR and then AU and SCO and ASEAN, and so on–our money, their information.  Haiti is Obama's Katrina–not because he's a bad President or has an inattentive Cabinet, but because the “system” of governance is Industrial-Era C4I totally out of touch with modern possibilities.

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