Review: Of Centuars and Doves–Guatemala’s Peace Process

5 Star, Best Practices in Management, Country/Regional, Insurgency & Revolution, Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class, Power (Pathologies & Utilization), Security (Including Immigration), Stabilization & Reconstruction, United Nations & NGOs
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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely a Core Work for the Region and the UN Role in Enabling Peace–Future Oriented as Well

April 3, 2010

Susanne Jonas

I am stunned not to find numerous reviews of this excellent work, a fleshing out of the author’s highly-regarded (within the United Nations and global peace-process circles) “The Mined Road to Peace in Guatemala,” (North-South Agenda Paper #38, September 1999. As of today, 3 April 2010, her paper and her book are still the core references for those who seek to extend the model elsewhere in Central and Latin America.

See also:

The Battle For Guatemala: Rebels, Death Squads, And U.s. Power (Latin American Perspectives Series, No 5) – Spanish edition, with new introduction/update, La Batalla por Guatemala (Caracas, Venezuela: Nueva Sociedad and FLACSO/Guatemala, 1994);

La Ideología Social Demócrata en Costa Rica (San José, Costa Rica: Editorial Universitaria Centroamericana (EDUCA), 1984); and

Guatemala: Plan Piloto para el Continente (translation of Ph.D. dissertation) (San José,: EDUCA, 1981).

This author was at least a decade if not two decades ahead of her peers and the conventional idiocy in Washington, D.C.   Everything she has ever thought, particularly with respect to migrating the process of peace toward a process of prosperity, is relevant right this minute.

The quality of this work overcomes what would normally be a one-star deduction for a lazy unprofessional publisher failing to list the table of contents and provide a sample chapter or even better, assuring Inside the Book information including the Index, one of Amazon’s best offerings.

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