Journal: 10% Foreclosures, 1-2% Mortgage Default

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Foreclosures in Las Vegas

The Huffington Post is doing a very fine job of raising key issues, but in isolation and out of context.  Here is one story they have brought forward.  As Cleveland found out when they had to raze to the ground 11,000 abandoned units, foreclosures come with very heavy social and financial costs.  It is not to late to stop all foreclosures and evictions as we recommended in October 2008, to no effect.  America is going through a multi-dimensional crisis without any leadership whatsoever.  One way to understand the crisis is to study the Revolution Matrix and the Negative Book List.  The Positive Book List requires some semblance of leadership and legitimacy, at this time not to be found in America, outside of the Virtual Cabinet at The Huffington Post, which does not really exist–it could, but it does not.

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