ClimateGate Rolling Update CLOSED

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ClimateGate Rolling Update
ClimateGate Rolling Update

REMINDER:  Environmental Degradation, not Climate Change, is High-Level Threat #3.  Climate Change is less than 10% of that, and within Climate Change, mercury and sulfer are more important than carbon.  Furthermore, it is not possible to address any one threat without addressing the other nine (e.g. #1 Poverty) with harmonized policies from Agriculture to Water, so the bottom line is that these talks are isolated and worthless.  The world needs a serious global strategy with serious analytics, a commitment to understanding true costs of every product and service, and a commitment to bringing the five billion poor into a prosperous world at peace.  Anything less is a betrayal of the public trust.

19 Dec Top 10 Bad Developments For Global Warming Alarmists (HumanEvents)

10 Dec 10  Deadlock over Kyoto means Cancún talks have little to show after two weeks (Guardian UK)

2 Dec 10  Japan's Motion to Kill Kyoto Protocol a ‘Slap in the Face,' Advocates Say (Reuters)

2 Dec 10  China, Brazil Say Debate on Extending Kyoto Accord Threatens Climate Talks (Bloomberg)

30 Nov 10  Carbon Credit Trading Collapses in U.S. (Tuscon Citizen)

26 Nov 10  2010: a confused year on climate (ABC)

24 Nov 10  U.S. Carbon Trading Goes Up in Smoke (BusinessWeek)

22 Nov 10  A year after climategate, applying lessons learned (Washington Post)

17 Nov 10  How the Climategate weasels wriggled free (Telegraph UK)

5 Nov  ClimateGate Web Site

5 Nov  ClimateGate at

5 Nov  Climate Change Dispatch on Fraud

5 Nov Global Warming Is A Total Scam

25 Jul  Review: Hack the Planet–Science’s Best Hope–or Worst Nightmare–For Averting Climate Catastrophe

21 Jul  Review: Eaarth–Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

31 May Reference: ClimateGate Tree Ring Debacle

2 Apr Journal: ClimateGate, Israel & Greenwashing Terror

28 Feb Journal: ClimateGate Update of 28 February 2010

24 Feb Search: steele climate confusion phibetaiota

19 Feb Journal: ClimateGate Updated 19 February 2010

13 Feb Journal: ClimateGate Update 13 February 2010

13 Feb Journal: ClimateGate–How Settled the Science?

29 Dec Journal: ClimateGate 29 December 2009 Morning

28 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 28 December 2009 Evening

25 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 25 December 2009 Afternoon

23 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 23 December 2009 Afternoon

22 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 22 December 2009 Evening

21 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 21 December 2009 Morning

20 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 20 December 2009 Afternoon

19 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 19 December 2009 Morning

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17 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 17 December 2009 Evening

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16 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 16 December 2009 Afternoon

16 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 16 December 2009 Morning

15 Dec Journal: ClimateGate 15 Dec 09 Morning

14 Dec Journal: ClimateGate 14 Dec 09 Morning

12 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate WeekEnd Edition

12 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate Week One

11 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate–”The Trick” in Detail

10 Dec  Journal: Sarah vs Al–The People Want This One

10 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate Carbon Trade Fraud

10 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate Search for the Thoughttful

9 Dec   The Tip of the Climategate Iceberg

9 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 9 Dec 09 Evening

9 Dec  Worth a Look: Al Gore Wants Your Comments

9 Dec  Reference: Global Climate Change Facts

9 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 9 Dec 09 Afternoon

9 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 9 Dec 09 Morning

8 Jan  Journal: ClimateGate Sarah Palin Special

8 Jan  Journal: ClimateGate 8 Dec 09 Evening

8 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate 8 Dec 09 Afternoon

8 Dec   Journal: ClimateGate  8 Dec 09 Morning

7 Dec  Journal: IPCC Chairman a Fraud & a Liar

7 Dec  Journal:  ClimateGate, Guardian UK, & CNN

7 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate Monday 7 Dec 09

7 Dec Journal: BBC Dishonest on ClimateGate

6 Dec  Journal: ClimateGate Sunday 6 Dec 09

5 Dec  Journal: Alternative Media Trumps “Main” Media, White House Denies ClimateGate, Google Strips “ClimateGate” as a Suggested Term

5 Dec Journal: ClimateGate Denial–Adriana Loses It

5 Dec Journal: Reflections on Peace & Prosperity

4 Dec Review: The Real Global Warming Disaster

4 Dec Journal: ClimateGate–”The Trick” Explained

4 Dec Journal: ClimateGate Suppression Continues–Academy Wants Gore’s Oscar Back

3 Dec Journal: ClimateGate, Copenhagen, Integrity

1 Dec Journal: ClimateGate Ideology, Theology, Science

30 Nov  Journal: Climate battle bill to top $300 billion–Guyana

29 Nov  Journal: ClimateGate Meets Yamal Divergence

28 Nov Journal: Earth Intelligence, Climate Gate, Queen of England, and the Climate Change Fraud Network

26 Nov Review: Global Warming False Alarm–The Bad Science Behind the United Nations’ Assertion that Man-made CO2 Causes Global Warming

25 Nov Worth a Look: Literature in Rebuttal of Global Warming

25 Nov Journal: Climategate Update

25 Nov Reference: Emails on Climate Change Fraud

25 Nov Journal: Congress may probe faked global warming data

24 Nov  Journal: Climate Gate Hacked Emails

24 Nov Journal: Al Gore–Not Evil Just Wrong

24 Nov Journal: Climate Change and “Hacktivism”

24 Nov Journal: Just in Time for Copenhagen

24 Nov  Journal: UK Emails on Fraudulent Climate Science

23 Nov Journal: UN IPCC, Al Gore, & Big Doubts

18 Nov Journal: United Nations a “Dumb” Elite Organization

14 Nov Journal: True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria

3 Oct Review: The Resilient Earth–Science, Global Warming and the Future of Humanity

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