Terror at Fort Hood? Or Terror from America?

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We Could Have Stopped The Terror At Fort Hood

Washington Post February 6, 2011 Pg. B1

By Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman and Susan M. Collins

Maj. Nidal Hasan, accused in the murders of 13 people and the attempted murders of 32 others in the shooting spree at Fort Hood, Tex., in November 2009, appears to be the toughest kind of terrorist to spot: a lone wolf who plots without the overt support of domestic cells or foreign sponsors.

Still, the attack did not come as a complete surprise to some in the Army and the FBI, and that makes this incident all the more tragic.  Our Senate committee's 14-month investigation of the Fort Hood killings has concluded that the Department of Defense and the FBI “collectively had sufficient information to have detected Hasan's radicalization to violent Islamist extremism but failed both to understand and to act on it.”

The deaths at Fort Hood could and should have been prevented. The Defense Department's failure to acknowledge the threat of violent Islamist extremism within its ranks, coupled with organizational and communication flaws in the FBI's counterterrorism operations, contributed to the tragedy.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is ideological intellectual fluff.  Neither of these otherwise intelligent Senators is being serious about the FACT that suicide terrorism is directly, explicitly, and rigorously connected to US occupations of Muslim lands, and that “cognitive dissonance” in one's own ranks is the single best early warning of the disconnect between ideologically-justified adventures and reality.  Jim Clapper was told this by Robert Steele, directly, but evidently the job of USDI or DNI does not include telling the President the hard truths that need to be told.  Similarly, Leon Panetta is all over the lot chasing smoke from the Directorate of Operations, and not focusing on the basics.  He is useless to the President, ostensibly his most important client.  We went to Iraq at the direction of an Administration whose Vice President was demonstrably guilty of 23 impeachable acts, who led a team that told 935 documented lies.  This Op-Ed is outrageous for its facile dismissal of probability that Maj Nidal Hasan was an earnest officer who was not listened to.  Hubris in the chain of command, as well as a lack of integrity in the chain of command, have consequences.  We equate his suicide and related murders as the US equivalent of a burning monk or activist.  We said this at the time, no one wanted to listen.  Closer to home, no one is listening to the secessionists from Vermont to Hawaii–they have legitimate grievances, Obama is not Lincoln**, and America is not going to tolerate an internal war when the “Empire” is so obviously in the wrong.  It's time to reconnect to reality.

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**  The Civil War being about freeing the slaves is a revisionist myth.  It was about the North needing to loot the South during its 12 years of occupation to further develop the North's industrial base.  Lincoln did not free the slaves in the North and the West; he issued the Emancipation Proclamation “reluctantly, out of military necessity,” and he violated the Constitution at least twice, once in suspending habeas corpus and the second time in waging  war on signers of the compact to create the United STATES of America, each of whom was legally and morally entitled to secede from that voluntary union.  Below are book reviews advancing this deeper interpretation of a sordid element of our past.

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