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Research and Markets: Global Trends 2010 Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers – Academic Institutions

May 2010 newly offered 18 March 2011

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global Trends 2010 Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers – Academic Institutions” report to their offering.

The world's next generation of young adults will not only be the largest ever, but also have received more schooling than any before.

The quantity, quality and focus of education will strongly influence future global development. There will be rising needs for trained teachers. Advances in communication and information technologies will quicken the dissemination of knowledge globally, giving rise to opportunities for cross-border education, as well as a greater need for lifelong learning to maintain a competitive edge in skills and knowledge.

A further influence on education will be the rise of collective versus individual intelligence as people worldwide seize the potential to tap into diverse sources of learning and knowledge simultaneously across the world, through both formal and informal networks. In this environment, the balance of influence of national curriculum boards and governments on education will decrease, while that of educational providers, parents, learners, learning channels and networks and global thinkers will increase.

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Phi Beta Iota: Emphasis added.  The trend not yet visible to others is the inevitable convergence of education, intelligence (decision-support) and research into one coherent openly-managed network that optimizes multinational (multilingual) multiagency multidisciplinary multidomain information-sharing and sense-making (M4IS2).

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