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NEW: Below, organized by category, are names, links (first to overview, last to web site), and product descriptions for each of the companies launching at DEMO Spring 2011.  According to several of those who have attended past events, this one was “a cut above” an already high standard.  What came across clearly was the new level to which social media is going, being embedded deeply with all products and services, not just overlain.

Name Link leads to OVERVIEW page including company contact, financial, and video.  ON THE WEB leads to company site.  Categories are Cloud, Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile, and Social & Media.

Cloud Technologies

Ajax.  Cloud9 IDE empowers Web developers to lead the revolution of Web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. The first-ever cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for JavaScript developers, supporting HTML5, Python, Ruby and PHP, Cloud9 enables Web developers to access, edit and share projects anywhere, anytime. Using this next-generation technology, developers can build, test, debug, and deploy millions of applications. ON THE WEB

ApSynth.  ApSynth is a new kind of PaaS that lets you create and deploy Web applications in a very simple way thanks to our App Editor. Once published, applications can be embedded and spread to other Web sites, blogs and social networks. App authors deliver either free apps or set a price for a monthly number of displays on tiers Web page. With ApSynth Web apps become a monetized Web content just like text, video, etc.  ON THE WEB

EyePredict.  Can commercial displays be subtle yet obvious? EyePredict makes it happen using a neuroscience-based software technology that predicts visual attention. Our flagship solution is called EPflow–an automated optimization service that can double the revenue from catalog displays. EPflow automatically rearranges catalog displays such that high value items are more likely to get selected. EyePredict customers and partners are companies that sell or facilitate the selling of consumer goods.  ON THE WEB

HBMG, Inc..  VECTOR(TM) represents a new IT direction. It leverages advanced hardware and software, virtualization, cloud computing, management and services to provide a turnkey platform. It greatly lowers the Total Cost of Ownership providing exceptional Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity characteristics. VECTOR is shipped in a shock mounted case and operated without air conditioning. Plug it into a 110 volt 20 amp outlet, add an ISP and users, and you’re up and running.  ON THE WEB

Kuggaa.  Kuggaa’s revolutionary ‘cloud' based service allows its subscribers the ability to create, edit and enjoy their favorite mobile content supported across different device form factors anytime, anywhere. Kuggaa offers manufacturers a complete ecosystem, which offers a diverse service, relevant content, fun applications and a simple user experience across a range of device form factors. Kuggaa enables users to evolve the mobile ‘experience' by harnessing benefits of different devices without limitation.  ON THE WEB

Nimble.  Nimble is the world’s first Social Relationship Manager. It easily connects all of your Contacts, Calendars, Communications plus Social Listening and Engagement into a simple, affordable Web-based platform for individuals and teams. Nimble integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google & Email into one seamless environment. Nimble empowers small businesses in today’s socially connected world to collaborate more efficiently, to listen and engage with their community to attract and retain the right customers.  ON THE WEB

V3.  Stratosphere supports up to 400 virtual desktops in a 2U server. These virtual desktops are faster than traditional desktops, use 1/30th the power and cost significantly less than other virtual and traditional desktop solutions.  ON THE WEB

websense.  Security for the social Web. Prevents Facebook page owners from attackers posting unwanted content. Protects brand reputation, image, customers and prospects from being infected on Facebook.  ON THE WEB


AboutOne LLC.’s patent-pending, cloud-based service provides one location to manage memories and household information. With no historical data entry required, this first comprehensive online family management tool is fast, fun and easy to use, leveraging users’ time with APIs, wizards, and auto-magically created newsletters, scrapbooks, paper cards that mail themselves, other shareables and an organizational GPS. AboutOne provides ready access to information necessary for informed decisions and emergency preparedness.  ON THE WEB

CVAC Systems, Inc..  The Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning™ (CVAC™) process is an unparalleled safe and natural effort-free physical conditioning™ modality for individuals of all ages and activity levels for improved fitness. Scientifically validated, the CVAC process applies precisely composed rhythm-based changes to pressure, temperature and density of air. These changes in pressure set up waves of tension and relaxation simulating the pulsatile nature of breathing, muscle contraction and blood flow consistent with interval, circuit and strength training.  ON THE WEB

Dvmmy.  Qffers App is a multi-platform mobile application that enables its users to find and share offers on local retail goods and services from all over the world.  ON THE WEB

ecoATM.  The ecoATM is an automated self-serve eCycling kiosk that uses patented machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate and buy-back used electronics directly from consumers for cash or store credit. ecoATM kiosks provide a convenient trade-in solution that electronically and visually inspects any consumer electronic device, pays consumers immediately in cash and/or store credit, and automatically administers trade-in / trade-up promotions for retailers and manufacturers.  ON THE WEB is the first and only internet marketplace that enables private jet travelers the ability to search, compare and pay for jet charter online.  ON THE WEB

infiniWing, Inc..  KloudDock brings a platform for diverse functional expansion targeted for Apple laptops. With patent pending locking technology, it utilizes electrical ports on two opposite sides of laptop for mechanical attachments. With its secure integration with Apple laptop and its slim footprint, it can provide a secure desktop docking station or a carry-on attachment. Its applications are secure locking configuration, kickstand, 3G/4G data modem, GPS, external battery, HDMI/VGA port, Ethernet port, USB hub, and so on.  ON THE WEB

Manilla.  Manilla is a free personal account management service that helps consumers manage all of their household accounts including bills, finances, travel rewards programs and subscriptions in one place online. Manilla gives customers an automated, organized view of all their account information, reminders to pay bills and lifetime storage of all their statements, notices, offers and bills.  ON THE WEB

NeuroSky.  The NeuroSky MindWave is exercise equipment for children’s minds. It safely monitors electrical EEG brainwave impulses from the forehead, which pass through mathematical algorithms determining mental states such as “attention” and “relaxation.” Ten neuroscience apps, featuring BrainCubed mental scoring, are bundled, including intelligence, mental fitness and game applications. NeuroSky technology is found in more EEG devices than any company. NeuroSky MindWave headset is our first product available for the consumer market.  ON THE WEB

PhotoRocket.  Share photos instantly in one step to all your photo destinations with PhotoRocket. With apps for Windows, Mac, and iPhone, a single click simultaneously shares to people, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Launch PhotoRocket nearly anywhere you have a photo to share: you can right-click, drag and drop, or click on a nearby PhotoRocket button. PhotoRocket eliminates uploading, e-mailing, resizing, attaching and other hurdles – letting you share more photos, more often.  ON THE WEB

Primadesk Inc..  Primadesk app brings order to online life, allowing users to search, manage and backup online personal cloud data with one simple interface, no matter what device is used.  ON THE WEB

Enterprise Technologies

DataRoket, Inc..  DataRoket makes data integration simple. Getting the right data, to the right people at the right time is critical to cutting costs, increasing margins and becoming a competitive force in your own industry. Tapping “all” of your data; from your databases, your applications, the web, social media and even just Excel used to require six tools, lots of consultants and a whole lot of money. DataRoket changes all of that with our simple, scalable and flexible Data-as-a-Service. DataRoket puts all of your data “on tap.” Organizations do not have to change anything. Leverage the existing investment for immediate returns. Never before has data integration and business intelligence been so easy and effective.  ON  THE WEB

EMBRIA Technologies.  VIOLIN is a patented Web-based operating system (WEB O.S.) that provides more flexibility and agility for enterprise Web software development, online collaboration and process governance. Its exclusive control oriented architecture (COA) substantially increases real time management capabilities, providing business analysts with all the essential tools to configure and control the behavior of multiple processes, applications properties and all users interactions within its operating environment, enabling a more efficient and secure cloud computing service.  ON THE WEB

FaceCake Marketing Technologies.  Swivel is an interactive ‘virtual mirror’ that lets customers virtually try on products at home or in Swivel-equipped retail stores without removing anything more than their coats. Shoppers see themselves in real-time 3D clothing and accessories and poll their social graph about looks without ever leaving the ‘mirror.' Consumers can literally swivel around to view their applied products from all sides. Swivel also intelligently upsells accessories and promotions on-the-fly, increasing purchases while lowering returns.  ON THE WEB

GageIn, Inc.  GageIn is the first business networking platform powered by content. It makes it simple for companies to gather information, uncover business opportunities, and drive measurable results. GageIn fills a critical void in the market by turning the traditional model upside down – starting first with content, then building collaboration and social networking around it. Targeted content and information yields smarter connections, intelligent collaboration and, ultimately, better business results.  ON THE WEB

ICaR Systems.  ICaR runs cloud service of automated consulting for tax and other knowledge domains. For a person or business stuck between overwhelming text-based information and expensive human expertise ICaR provides quick expert system’s consulting. ICaR knowledge model allows getting explanation of logic and law behind the advice, running What-IF modeling and How-To planning consultations, and building fully conditional user case documents. ICaR uses natural language Question-Answer and voice-enabled expert system technology.  ON THE WEB solves workflow and email problems by giving end users the custom social workflow applications systems they need in minutes instead of months. Users create custom apps and workflows by answering simple questions then collaborate on email, tasks, process steps and other work in a single seamless flow. Manage complex processes and your inbox in a single simple interface.  ON THE WEB

Workface Inc..  Workface is a customer-initiated-engagement platform that interfaces your employees with new customers online in real-time. Workface software enables your people to build and manage customer relationships.  ON THE WEB

Zugara.  The Webcam Social Shopper is an advanced apparel visualization and social media engagement product that's licensed to online retailers. The product enables online apparel shoppers to visualize if an item’s style is right for them by replicating the in-store experience of taking an item off the rack, holding it up to themselves, and asking a friend (or the mirror) “What do you think?” All the shopper needs is a computer and a webcam.  ON THE WEB

Mobile Technologies

Bizness Apps.  Bizness Apps is trying to make iPhone and Android apps affordable and simple for small businesses. It's a do-it-yourself iPhone and Android app platform that allows small businesses to simultaneously create, edit, and manage iPhone and Android apps online without any programming knowledge needed.  ON THE WEB

Guardly.  Guardly is the first mobile personal safety service that gives people the ability to alert family, friends and local authorities about an emergency in a single tap. Guardly uniquely allows one’s responding network to collaborate with them and among themselves through mobile Web and Web incident pages, SMS, e-mail and voice conferencing. Guardly’s location-aware technology uses intelligent algorithms to help mitigate common GPS-positioning errors during emergency incidents and helps responders effectively coordinate rescue plans.  ON THE WEB

HighNote.  HighNote aspires to bring people closer together by providing a new, more social way to message. With HighNote, you can send FREE media-enhanced messages to other HighNote users around the world. Add personality to your messages with video, music, audio, pics, maps, custom buttons and iTunes. Unlike other apps, you can send HighNotes to any of your friends even if they don't have the app installed. HighNote is the social way to message. Anywhere. Free.  ON THE WEB

Life Is Better ON.  ON Voicefeed is a new free application developed first for iPhone, that enhances exchanges with family, friends and colleagues through the creation of customized groups and personalized voicemail messages. The app also lets you send and convert text to voice messages so you can update your voicemail even when you cannot speak! The visual voicemail feature allows you to see who called and left a message and to decide which one to listen to first.  ON THE WEB

MobileNation.  MobileNation enables everyday people to design and build bespoke applications for mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets) using an intuitive drag and drop visual interface. No programming is required.  ON THE WEB

mSIGNIA.  mSIGNIA’s Dynamic Device Identity platform provides a safe, reliable device identity for accessing cloud services on Android smartphones, tablets and is available soon on iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian mobile devices. Using patent-pending technology that anticipates naturally occurring changes in the device, the mSIGNIA Dynamic Device Identity platform offers online service providers a stable, fault-tolerant foundation for service delivery to the new, mobile connected user; enabling easy access without troublesome passwords or service interruptions.  ON THE WEB

News360.  News360 is a new way of consuming news on the iPad. The platform collects news from more than a thousand sources, and uses semantic analysis to identify the important trends and stories throughout the day. News360 focuses on making the news real-time, local and social, by using the user’s location and social graph to tailor the news stream to specific interests.  ON THE WEB

Nuvyyo Inc..  JetStreamHD enables your iPad to instantly access and stream any video, song, or photo from your home network while you're traveling, visiting friends, or relaxing anywhere – without upfront planning, conversion headaches, download time, sync hassles, or memory limits. The JetStreamHD box, which plugs into your home network, converts any format, delivers true HD video, and adapts to Wi-Fi or 3G strength as it streams. You always enjoy the clearest, smoothest viewing experience possible.  ON THE WEB

Screenreach Interactive Ltd.  Screach is a unique platform that allows anyone to create real-time two-way interactive experiences between a smart device – via the Screach App – and any content, anywhere. Screach can transform a smart device into anything – games controllers, quiz answer pads, voting and polling tools, bingo cards and roulette tables – the possibilities are limited by imagination alone.  ON THE WEB

ShowUhow, Inc..  The 360? Product Experience Platform offers manufacturers and retailers a series of on-demand, video-based Product Guides, distributed via smartphone, Web, and social media for every stage of the customer lifestyle: pre-sale education, installation, feedback and repeat business through brand loyalty. By adding ShowUhow platform to the pre-sale and installation stages, manufacturers and retailers have consistently seen faster consumer installs, reductions in costly support calls, increased product satisfaction.  ON THE WEB

Social & Media

Ecobe.  “Why should that guy get paid so much for using my content? – He shouldn’t.” gives back 75% of our search engine’s advertising profit to content providers. Our patented profit sharing formula uses visits by Ecobe search engine users to a domain, as the basis for calculating a monthly profit share. In essence, Ecobe charges a 25% commission for allowing content creators to leverage a search engine’s profits to monetize their content.  ON THE WEB

eLive Entertainment.  eLive lets everyone talk with friends while watching video. From your browser, record your voice while adding links, pictures, or videos from external sources. Friends can join you for a multi-cast and viewers can tune in live and/or revisit your creation as a video on demand later. Sports fan? Cast and become a sports commentator! Like a music clip? Sing and turn eLive into a real karaoke! eLive fills the gap between YouTube,   Facebook, IRC and Skype.  ON THE WEB

Fetch Plus Asia Pacific, Pte. Ltd. FetchFans, a social media design application, computer generates highly interactive custom branded Facebook pages, Twitter and blog backgrounds for companies with multiple holdings to effectively and efficiently brand advertise through the social networks.  ON  THE WEB

GutCheck.  GutCheck is an innovative do-it-yourself Web application for conducting qualitative research, which enables one-on-one chat interviews with target market consumers, at 10% of the cost of other traditional methods. In a matter of minutes you can be connected with a specific target consumer (ie. Females, aged 24-36, HHI of $45k-$65k and drives a mini-van) and obtain feedback and insights for your marketing, advertising or product development.  ON THE WEB

HeyStaks.  HeyStaks is Web search, shared. It is a new social search service that allows you to collaborate anonymously with friends and people of like-minded interest as you search. This lets you get better and more relevant results recommended by people you trust around topics that matter to you, while still using your favorite search engines as the community results are integrated directly into the search engine result pages.  ON THE WEB

Marginize.  Marginize adds a social layer to the entire web. Use Marginize as you browse to discover what others have said about any webpage you are seeing, and join the conversation.  ON THE WEB

Next Island.  Next Island is the first virtual world with a real cash economy and time travel. Players can explore, go on adventures, hunt, craft, socialize with friends, have professions that can yield them real cash and time travel to Ancient Greece. Played on a PC with exceptional graphics and beauty.  ON THE WEB is an online dating site created specifically to serve the relationship-minded gay and lesbian community. Our proprietary Personality Profile Test was created by a gay PhD, based upon research from successful gays and lesbians in long-term relationships. Our proprietary matching algorithm focuses on matching perfect personality types to each other therefore increasing the probability of a long-term relationship.  ON THE WEB

Pixable.  Pixable Photofeed is a free application and the best way to browse Facebook photos on iPad. The app provides personalized streams of photos, like “top photos of the day”, and displays them in full size format. Pixable's WonderRank technology analyzes dozens of variables associated with a Facebook account to intelligently rank and discover photos. Pixable Photofeed allows users to follow close friends and receive notifications of any of their Facebook friends' photo activity.  ON THE WEB

Silentale.  SocialReplay helps businesses investing in social media extract key strategic information through qualitative data & analytics of their Facebook Page & Twitter accounts which assists them in the formulation of their marketing programs. The analysis of social media is in its early days and somewhat limited to structured quantitative analysis. Social Replay provides qualitative information that allows individual businesses to analyze the information in ways that match their changing needs.  ON THE WEB

SocialEyes.  SocialEyes is a social video service that instantly connects you to your friends and groups of people who share your interests, offering a rich communication experience.  ON THE WEB

Speaku.  SPEAKU is a Real-Time, Topic-Based Information Network. Our application enables Information Contributors (found primarily on news sites, blogs, and forums) to be discovered, tracked, and interacted with in real-time by Information Consumers (those who read, respond to, and utilize information resources).  ON THE WEB

The Geco.  The Geco is a standalone or embedded utility that helps increase revenue of online apparel retailers. We provide a platform for their customers to interact and accurately check their clothing size or that of friends. Simultaneously creating a market place where retailers can gain exposure and provide them with a powerful market research tool. The Geco is also pioneering a new method for brassier fitting where volume is used rather than the traditional alphanumeric values.  ON THE WEB

Thoora.  Thoora is a service for anyone to quickly curate and share beautiful, naturally search-friendly, and self-updating content for tablet devices. Thoora’s sophisticated engine uses hundreds of signals to help users find the best topical content from millions of social and traditional media sources. Then Thoora puts the user in control, with tools to refine, re-order, re-rank, and prioritize the content. The result: human- curated, topical pages that are always fresh and relevant.  ON  THE WEB

TrendSpottr.  TrendSpottr is a search and curation service for Twitter, Facebook and other real-time data streams. Using advanced algorithms and curation tools developed specifically for the real-time Web, TrendSpottr filters, aggregates and publishes the top trending headlines, videos, images, phrases, hashtags and places for any search term or topic of interest. TrendSpottr improves the signal-to-noise ratio on the real-time Web by intelligently discovering the most timely, relevant and trending information.  ON THE WEB

Viafoura.  Viafoura drives continual dialogue among online consumers through a patent pending system that utilizes split screen video debate, text and gaming reward systems. We enable publishers, networks, sports leagues and educational institutions to increase user engagement, time spent, and page views around their content and gain better insight about their users behavior.  ON THE WEB

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DEMO is the best launch pad for startups for 3 key reasons: 1) invaluable exposure to investors and the media 2) the DEMO team and staff are pros at making each startups a stand out star and 3)the companies picked to be at DEMO are the ones that go on to becoming successful businesses. Barry James Folsom CEO, Twirl TV

DEMO is a great brand for launching new technology. We are extremely happy with the PR exposure that DEMO made possible. The AlphaPitch was the perfect opportunity for a bootstrapping company like ours to stand out without stretching our budget. – Team

Top to bottom this conference rocked. The group of presenters and attendees were great, the events were incredibly fun and the DEMO staff works harder than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest to deliver a great experience. I will definitely be making it back to DEMO in the future. Chase Garbarino Co-founder and CEO, Pinyadda Inc.

“DEMO was absolutely one of the greatest venues I've ever participated in. Classy, Intellectual, and just down right legit. You'd be silly to launch anywhere else.” – Tom Serres, Founder and CEO of Piryx.

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