Bin Laden Show 19: White House Photo Ops

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Phi Beta Iota: In another change to its story, to prove that Bin Laden had in fact been “captured,” the White House today released a photo of Bin Laden with Condi Rice at a safehouse maintained by the Department of State at the South-Central Complex between State and the new US Institute for Peace building.  Condi remains Bin Laden's closest ally within Washington circles where both Republicans and Democrats agree: Bin Laden has been the single best bi-partisan brand in decades.  The White House did not appear to notice the inconsistency between this photograph and its earlier refusal to publish a photograph of the allegedly dead Bin Laden.  Source

In addition, it has now been revealed that the below photograph, previously alleged to be in the situation room with the Bin Laden kill operations on screen, was actually taken at the conclusion of a very hard-fought battle over changes in Old Executive Office Building (OEOB) room assignments.  Hillary Clinton is reacting to the announcement that the Indian Treaty Room is now the Boy's Club with cigar smoking permitted at all times.

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Below the line: alternative versions of the EOEB briefing photograph.

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This is what the screens in the situation room look like–it is highly unlikely President Obama would have been in the room as an afterthought; that the General would have had his formal coat on; or that the “seniors” would all have been clustered at the far end of the table away from the screens.  The real action was taking place in the bunker from which Dick Cheney controlled the 9/11 “let it happen” national counterterrorism exercise, now widely believed to have been a deliberate stand-down and false flag operation.  Source

It is unclear whether the President or the SEALS actually knew this was a CIA covert operation in which both the alleged Bin Laden and the alleged “treasure trove” of intelligence were manufactured of, by, and for CIA in support of the Bin Laden Show.

In the United Kingdom, where decorum rules except when really bad taste steps in, the staged White House photo was enhanced by MI-6 to add a certain gravitas to an otherwise tasteless US photograph.  Source

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