Bin Laden Show 06: Glenn Beck & Muslims Agree — Seven Questions About Alleged Burial at Sea

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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, Muslims Agree On Bin Laden's Burial

Osama bin Laden's death may have been only the third time the New York Times actually stopped their presses, but maybe they should go for four, because Glenn Beck and many Muslims both agree that the terrorist shouldn't have been given a burial at sea.

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Conspiracy theories: Doubts show face minutes afterward

Robert Alan Goldberg, a history professor at the University of Utah and the author of “Enemies Within: The Culture of Conspiracy in Modern America,” explains:

“Eighty percent of Americans, he said, believe that Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy, rather than a lone gunman, as a government commission affirmed. Thirty percent believe the government covered up aliens’ landing in Roswell, N.M., and a third of American blacks believe that government scientists created AIDS as a weapon of black genocide. Sept. 11, of course, has inspired conspiracy theories — it was plotted, variously, by “the Bush administration or Saddam Hussein.”

Phi Beta Iota: It is now KNOWN that the US Government lied on JKF and MLK, on the USS Liberty, on a myriad of other vital matters–Tokin Gulf, Iraq, etcetera.  The common sense of the public is quite solid.  What we have here is massive cognitive dissonance pumped up by the hubris of an Administration too accustomed to getting away with really big lies.

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