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Reasons to doubt official Bin Laden death story (please contribute)

Submitted by pseudonym on Tue, 05/03/2011 – 10:33

Hello everyone,

Some readers here have contended that those of us who doubt the official story of bin Laden's death are not using our critical thinking skills. I maintain that the opposite is true: those of us who have analyzed the news releases most cannot be anything but skeptical. Contradictions, omissions, and discrepancies abound, so that more questions are raised than answered.


1) We were told that bin Laden was buried at sea for two reasons: a) other countries wouldn't take him, and b) it was our soldier's intention to follow strict Islamic law with regards to the burial.

But we are not given any evidence whatsoever that either statement is true. I'd like to know how many other Muslims killed in these wars were privileged with burials sensitive to their religious beliefs? If ONLY bin Laden was granted this privilege, what is the rationale for it? They say Osama was even washed before his burial. They can say anything they want, but Islamic scholars are still saying it was done wrong.

2) We were told that Osama used a woman for a shield. Now we are told that the woman who was killed was not used as a shield whatsoever. I thought there was video footage of this whole battle? How can they get it wrong?…

3) The video released by AP news of the inside of Osama's compound is narrated by foreigners, presumably Pakistanis. My question is, why didn't our military treat the area as the crime scene, restricting access as it would according to traditional protocol?…

4) Initially we were told that the whole attack on the compound was carried out by “a few soldiers.” Then it was revealed that there were two dozen. Why do they have to keep changing the story?

5) Some sources said bin Laden was killed with shots to the head, others say the shots went to the head and chest.

6) These sources indicate and suggest that at least one Pakistani helicopter was involved first:……

Why no mention of that in the MSM version of the story?

7) From abc news:
“In March, Obama authorized the development of a plan for the United States to bomb bin Laden's compound with two B2 stealth bombers dropping a few dozen 2,000-pound bombs, sources tell ABC News. But when the president heard the compound would be reduced to rubble, he changed his mind because it would mean there would be no evidence to present to the world that the head founder and leader of al Qaeda was indeed dead. Plus, all 22 people in the compound including women and children and likely many neighbors would also be killed.”…

What's the difference? What evidence do we have NOW?

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