Bin Laden Show 28: CIA Official Post & Photos

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The official CIA posting, with photos, of “the hunt for Bin Laden.”

The Final Chapter in the Hunt for Bin Ladin

“The president gave us a mission and we delivered on it. This success is a testament I think to our great skill, great creativity, and perseverance, and really the courage of hundreds of Agency officers over the last nearly 10 years. You never lost focus. You never lost determination. You never lost faith that we would ultimately tighten the net around Bin Ladin and ultimately rid the world of the most infamous terrorist in our time.”

—CIA Director Leon E. Panetta, May 2, 2011

Phi Beta Iota: The photos, six of them, are a MUST SEE.  They capture the absolute essence of CIA's handling of the Bin Laden Story.  As of today, the photos are: 5 of Leon Panetta in various heroic poses, and one of the CIA Museum.  Note the heights of the various pieces of wall, labeled prior to the operation.

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