NO DIFFERENCE: Obama’s White Half Is Bush III

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Sucks for You....

Headline Revelations

Glenn Greenwald

Salon, 13 June 2011

Dan Gillmor observes that the two top New York Times headlines this morning “sum up the Obama administration”:

EXTRACT:  As Yale Professor Jack Balkin recently put it to Jane Mayer about the Obama presidency: “We are witnessing the bipartisan normalization and legitimization of a national-surveillance state.”  This state, as much as anything, is devoted to gathering as much intrusive data as possible about as many citizens as possible without a shred of oversight or suspicion of wrongdoing: exactly that which has proven to create inevitable abuse and exactly that which the Fourth Amendment sought to bar.

SECOND EXTRACT:  The article also notes that one possible threat to Obama’s plan would be a Romney candidacy, as Wall Street would love to back one of their own, and Romney — who amassed a fortune by saddling companies with debt and then firing huge numbers of their employees — is the very essence of what Wall Street loves.

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