Dolphin: Electoral Rage in Malaysia, Open Insurgency?

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From a Human Intelligence perspective, below is a very strong signal that the Arab Spring and its “Days of Rage” are spreading; even well-managed countries such as Malaysia (and one speculates, badly-managed ones like the USA) appear to be in line for Electoral Reform protests and perhaps Open Source Insurgency.

Malaysia police fire tear gas, arrest 1,600 at protest

Demonstrators march in defiance of ban, call for electoral reform

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Police fired repeated rounds of tear gas and detained more than 1,600 people in the capital on Saturday as thousands of activists evaded roadblocks and barbed wire to hold a street protest against Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.

Phi Beta Iota:  All governments are in the process of collapse as credible sole focal points for governance.  None are gearing up for the inevitable emergence of bio-regional hybrid governance networks based on accountability, information-sharing, transparency, and a common interest in sustainable peace and prosperity.

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