John Robb: Economy Cashes, Farm Crime Skyrockets

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John Robb

Farm thefts in California.  From copper to iron to avocados to  bees to solar panels.  Combo of economic depression/financial collapse (a loss of legitimacy) that continues to ravage CA and legal decay (budgets to protect against this are down by 50% in three years


Like many lawmen in vast agricultural areas, Sheriff Anderson said a major challenge was the remoteness of farms and the lack of witnesses. “It’s not like breaking into the neighbor’s house and the dog barking,” he said. “These things are just sitting out here in the middle of nowhere.”

Phi Beta Iota:  This one quote is gripping, because it describes the insanity of what the US Government is trying to do with Homeland Security:  “It’s difficult to lock up 1,400-plus acres,” he said. “The value of the fences would be worth more than I’m worth.”

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