Koko: Americans Elect – Electoral Theft Part IV

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Koko the Reflexive

At this time, while espousing the most laudable goals, Americans Elect reeks of subterfuge. Electoral Theft I was Florida in 2000.  Electoral Theft II was Ohio in 2004.  Electoral Theft III was Obama in 2008.  And now we have Americans Elect.

Here are a few stories documenting their connections with Michael Bloomberg and NO LABELS, the tragic farce that ended with a silly song.  Hedge-fund money, New York City roots.

Headlines with links below the line.

No Special Interest Funding for Americans Elect? New York Times reports “Serious Hedge-Fund Money”   (Irregular Times, 24 July 2011)

Make Way for the Radical Center (New York Times, 23 July 2011)

There’s a new political party in AZ. It looks real familiar. (Democratic Diva, 21 July 2011)

ProVote America contention regarding Americans Elect: Wealthy Billionaires tied to No Labels. True?  (Irregular Times, 8 April 2011)

Americans Elect – No Labels Connection Confirmed by Communications Manager Nick Troiano  (Irregular Times, 13 December 2010)

NO LABELS+AMERICANS ELECT=BLOOMBERG? (OurFuture.org, 6 December 2010)

RINOs Plan a Third Party (Floyd Reports, 3 December 2011)

Americans Elect Staffers’ Connections to No Labels (Irregular Times, 9 November 2010)

IndependentVoting.org Sells Out–No Labels + Americans Elect + CUIP =Trifecta of Electoral Fraud (Journal of Public Intelligence, 5 December 2010)

Unity12 Task Force Wholly Funded by 1 Man: Investment Executive and Takeover Artist Peter Ackerman (Irregular Times, 16 July 2010)

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