Michel Bauwens: Trending Now, Ethical Economics

Advanced Cyber/IO, Collective Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Communities of Practice, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Policies
Michel Bauwens

Ethical Economy is trending now.

Core Concept: “That a generalized, technology-enhanced capacity for manifold cooperation has become the main productive force means that there is no longer any contradiction between ethics and economics. On the contrary, the ethical ability to open up to and share with others has become the most fundamental quality of a successful economic agent.”

Socio-Political Implications:  This also means that the old models for institutionalizing ethics and economics, representative democracy and private property are becoming obsolete. Politics is no longer a separate practice, best handled by expert politicians. On the contrary the basic political practice of constructing a common social world, an ethical surplus has become a fundamental aspect of economic production. A brand community is like a social movement, open source is a political program, and a self-managed slum or a cooperative micro-credit system is also a project for a different political order.

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