John Steiner: October 2011, Occupy Wall Street, Whatever Happened to the US Left?

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John Steiner

“American Autumn” Will Depend on People, Not Parties”

Monday 26 September 2011
by: Ron Boyer, Truthout | Interview


A few years later, with the nation plunged into what appears to be a sequel to the Great Depression and another presidential campaign season taking shape, signs of mass populist resistance to the global dominance of the robber-baron class are widely in evidence, both here and abroad. In this exclusive Truthout interview, the October2011 Coalition co-founder and physician Margaret Flowers discusses the conditions that helped bring this emerging movement of citizen activists into being and outlines the key differences between October2011's mission and that of superficially similar emerging “movements” such as Van Jones' Rebuild the Dream.

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Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination


The young people protesting in Wall Street and beyond reject this vain economic order. They have come to reclaim the future.

• Police tactics attacked as officers pepper-spray women
• Occupy Wall Street: the protesters speak

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Whatever Happened to the American Left?

Michael Kazin

New York Times, 24 September 2011

SOMETIMES, attention should be paid to the absence of news. America’s economic miseries continue, with unemployment still high and home sales stagnant or dropping. The gap between the wealthiest Americans and their fellow citizens is wider than it has been since the 1920s.

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