DefDog: First Ignored, Now Fat Cats Organizing a Negative Information Operations Campaign Against “Protesters Behaving Like Spoiled Brats”

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Little coverage to begin with, then mostly negative following ….. indications that the “fat cats” are calling in favors to discredit this initiative. With the Transport Workers Union filing a complaint about the commandeering of buses to move the detained, word is spreading….time for social media to step up to the plate as it has

Occupy Wall Street protesters are behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats

NY Daily News, 28 September 2011

And for sleet and torrential rains – anything that might convince the precious insufferables who have taken over Wall Street that they have had enough of exercising their First Amendment rights to the inconvenience of tens of thousands of people who actually have to work for a living.

This bunch ought to get down on their knees in thanks that America‘s capitalist Founding Fathers saw fit to protect the privileges of the dumb and obnoxious along with everyone else.

They should also salute the NYPD and all its officers for paying diligent attention to ensuring that peace and harmony reign in their daze of rage. But no.

Instead, in a disgraceful attempt at intimidation, partisans of Occupy Wall Street, as the micromovement calls itself, posted on the Internet the name, address and telephone number of a ranking cop who dosed a couple of upstarts with pepper spray – along with the same information about the officer's family members.

If the NYPD has made any tactical error in this episode, it was in being too tolerant.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Despite the topless bits and the strong flavor of 1960's emergence, the mob is disorganized and lacks both leadership and focus at the ground level.  Strategicially there have been flashes of genius, including the recognition that Electoral Reform must be the core demand – all corruption stems from the corruption of the electoral system, and that the movement must be nation-wide.  Lacking an intellectual framework for self-governance, and a means for bringing pressure to bear (such as calling for a general strike and a national sick-out in sympathy, while demanding that each Representative co-sponsor Electoral Reform Act 2.2), it is very possible they will be diminished by time as Wall Street waits for winter.

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