Mini-Me: Anti-Corruption Protests Gaining Momentum?

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‘West revolts far from global narratives'

Interview with Jonathan Fryer, broadcaster and journalist

American Awakening?

As many political analysts believe recent revolts in the US and Europe against the ruling economic systems are part of a global movement, some other observers argue that the uprisings simply seek personal demands.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Excellent lead-in video, video interview with three figures, focus on global banking system optimized to fraudulently confiscate wealth.  Transcript also included.

Further Note:  The well-intentioned mobs are falling apart for lack of a narrative and organization scheme.  They need to get a grip, to include having articulate spokespersons to counter the Wall Street narrative now playing out, that they are spoiled mis-behaving children who will go away once it gets cold.

CORRUPTION is the common enemy, both in government and in the private sector.

ELECTORAL REFORM is the singular demand.

SUNSHINE CABINET is the method.

INTEGRITY is the core value.


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