Robert Steele: OccupyWallStreet Message and Method

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Now that the labor unions have joined the General Assembly (an amorphous ever changing coalition of the concerned across the Republic), the way is open to begin focusing on what is to be done in the next six months.

My view of the Core Message:

CORRUPTION is the common enemy, both in government and in the private sector.

ELECTORAL REFORM is the singular demand.

SUNSHINE CABINET is the method.

INTEGRITY is the core value.


My view of the Core Method:

Merit.  Be right.  Non-violence and moral conduct at all times is vital UNLESS attacked illegally, at that point you “rush and crush.”  Offer Truth & Reconciliation, not revenge and certainly not confiscation of assets outside the rule of law.  The point here is to achieve a “cease and desist” on government corruption and financial terrorism.

Message.  Electoral Reform

Money.  Big Bat for the Republic.  25 million times $10 is $250 million.  50 million times $20 is 1 billion.  100 million times $40 is 4 billion.  Wall Street cannot match a public combination of money and mass.

Means.  Use mass power on individual Senators and Representatives.  Any Senator, any Representative, and any Governor that fails to introduce Electoral Reform Act for national and state passage should be toast–run out of office.  Create coalition cabinets and balanced budgets at every level from zip code and municipality to county, state, bio-region, and national.

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