Amitai Etzioni: Reflections for Public Intellectuals & Other Contributions

03 Economy, 11 Society, Advanced Cyber/IO, Analysis, Articles & Chapters, Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Communities of Practice, Counter-Oppression/Counter-Dictatorship Practices, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Methods & Process, Policies, Strategy, Threats

Amitai Etizioni Et  Al (33 pages)

Amitai Etzioni: Reflections of a Sometime-Public Intellectual

Jacob S. Hacker, You Might Be A Public Intellectual If…A Checklist for Political Scientists, a Challenge for Political Science

Gary Orfield, A Life in Civil Rights

Lorenzo Morris, Rules for Public Intellectuals

Theodore J. Lowi, Public Intellectuals and the Public Interest–Toward a Politics of Political Science as a Calling

See Also by Amitai Etzioni:

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1994  Spirit Of Community: Rights, Responsibilities, and the Communitarian Agenda

1995  New Communitarian Thinking: Persons, Virtues, Institutions, and Communities

1998  The New Golden Rule: Community And Morality In A Democratic Society

2004  From Empire to Community: A New Approach to International Relations

2003  My Brother's Keeper: A Memoire and a Message

2004  The Common Good

2009  New Common Ground: A New America, New World

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