Owl: NORTHCOM Invading USA with Shock Troops?

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Who? Who?

After today’s column by Justin Raimondo, in “Notes in the Margin,” he recounts some unusual happenings regarding a soldier policeman charged with espionage. But the story gets much stranger with the mention of the Northcomm connection during the recent US Emergency Alert System testing.

Raimondo’s says:

“The strange case of Army Specialist William Millay, a 22-year-old military policeman from Owensboro, Ky., continues to mystify. Millay was arrested and charged with espionage, but the military and the DOJ are keeping their cards pretty close: reports indicate he gave military secrets to a “foreign power,” but the country is not specified. Now we learn that he was nabbed because of emails scooped up by NSA snoops that warned his mother to “prepare for the end of the world.” Associated Content reports:

“Millay had growing concerns over a massive military buildup of NorthCom. This buildup is said to include troops and equipment being shipped in from Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea through the Alaskan base and then to “staging areas” in the US. NorthCom was created on October 1, 2002 after 9/11. NorthCom is charged with protecting the United States homeland in support of local, state, and federal authorities. This support is limited by the Posse Comitatus Act . AFNORTH would take charge of the situation or event in the case of national emergencies, natural or man-made.

“Specialist Millay believed that the redeployment of these tens of thousands of US troops to America was “somehow” related to the November 9 testing of the United States Emergency Alert System (EAS) that is occurring “coincidentally” with a vast number of disaster drills and exercises being planned for the same time period.”

Does Alex Jones know about this?”


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