Gordon Duff: Coke Can Size Nukes Used in WTC Take-Down?

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Gordon Duff

Noteworthy Issues of National Security

Gordon Duff

Veterans Today, 21 March 2012

11 years after 9/11, scientists from America’s weapons labs will be releasing conclusive data on the types of weapons used to destroy the World Trade Center. 

The outlet will be through Jeff Prager, we will carry as much of the material, it is volumes, as possible, but the original source is both official, highly classified and less “unauthorized” than believed. 

Word is, that, based on lack of any movement toward investigation, the White House has set a “leak anything you want” policy, especially during this election year and based on what is a fear that anything not disclosed now will provide a reason to silence President Obama prior to a very probable second term.

A bit of background and we will move on.  During closed hearings of the 9/11 Commission, information was requested of the Department of Energy about the possibility that nuclear weapons “may have been on the planes,” to quote what I am not supposed to be able to quote.  Remember, this was their line of questioning, not my own.

The DOE responded by saying that the smallest weapon in their arsenal was over 300 pounds and would fit inside a “steamer trunk.”

The photo below is of a second generation fission weapon first tested in 1959:

Click on Image to Enlarge

As you can see, the DOE lied to the 9/11 commission.  This is an actual weapon, not a “mock-up” or Pentagon paperweight. It was called the ‘Davey Crockett’…and I am not kidding.

According to government nuclear weapons designers, this is the size of a typical thermonuclear weapon available after 1991, shown in representative size only as a popular consumer soft drink:

This, according to government scientists is the current size of a thermonuclear device, a hydrogen bomb, containing a small amount of uranium or plutonium, no larger than a coin, a supply of deuterium, tritium and a highly classified “nano-laser,” probably chemically fired to replace the otherwise required fission reaction.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Such weapons have existed for over 20 years, multiples of which were deployed on “ground zero” on 9/11 and have been used repeatedly as “very large conventional munitions” in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Radiation is only 3% of that of a normal weapon, undetectable by Geiger counter, unable to penetrate skin, with a half-life of under 48 hours but fatal if irradiated materials are ingested. 

Temperatures reach over 1 million degrees Fahrenheit and structural steel, concrete, human bodies or anything within 1-300 yards of “ground zero” is vaporized.

What goes on inside the coke can is described thusly:


A consistent conventional theoretical description is presented for anomalous low energy deuterium nuclear fusion in micro/nano-scale metal grains and particles.

The theory is based on the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) state occupied by deuterons trapped in a micro/nano-scale metal grain or particle. The theory is capable of explaining most of the experimentally observed results and also provides theoretical predictions. Experimental tests of theoretical predictions are proposed. Scalabilities of the observed effects are discussed based on theoretical predictions.

We will be publishing some very embarrassing science but the words of researcher Jeff Prager are most appropriate:

Why The Truth Matters

A door guard where some of the hairy stuff gets made – Have you ever seen one of these before?

The truth matters, in and of itself — and inherently includes an infinite number of plausible and often personal reasons, some known and some unknown at any given time.

The truth matters in the legal sense, as this is also a legal matter of mass murder and high treason, and war-making crimes against humanity.

And actual criminal details are part of catching and trying the perpetrators — even if the trials are in other countries or carried out by regular citizens groups here in the US.

The truth matters to the World Trade Center First Responders (and their families) who are dead (1,003 as of March 1, 2011) and dying of rare cancers.

We might also expect others living and working in New York City will be experiencing higher rates of rare cancers well into the future.

If my theories are correct, they are dying from cancers caused by exposure to nuclear radiation – in particular a newer and very short-lived radiation resulting from fusion of Deuterium and Tritium and which results in high levels of Uranium and Tritium, both of which were, indeed, found in high levels at Ground Zero.

The truth matters for the medical treatment and prevention of disease. The truth matters so we can prevent this from happening again.

The truth matters because the latest technology in nuclear bombs being used on innocent American citizens will outrage Americans more than anything else. Much more than learning about energetic compounds in the dust. Is not the most important goal in this to cause the people to wake up and act, before it’s too late?

Nuclear annihilation and radiation are perhaps the most odious things conceivable. This is precisely why the regime put out so many disinfo agents and theories!

The pancakes, thermite, and DEW theories were all put out to keep the people from finding out that the World Trade Center and its thousands of human inhabitants were nuked — vaporized, irradiated — like they were worthless pieces of less than nothing at all. Skin bags.

This was the initial 911 fallout

The fallout from this may never enter the public domain and will certainly be banned from both the public media or discussions by “authoritative” officials.

We are simply offering to the world scientific, political and intelligence community, the military of the world, that the last 11 years of history are unquestioningly related to a decision made by those speaking for the American people.

They believed that the detonation of multiple thermonuclear weapons on American soil and the murder of thousands, with first responders dying of radiation sickness every day, was excusable in accordance with either their religious or geopolitical beliefs.

We simply offer irrefutable proof only to those capable of caring for such things more than the comfort of delusion.

Personally, I expect action, be it silent. You have my personal blessing.

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Phi Beta Iota:  While there is enough evidence to indict and properly investigate CIA's obstruction of justice as well as the FBI's combination of idiocy (blowing off two walk-ins, one in Orlando the other in Newark) and incompetence (everything else), it appears that the heart of 9/11 lay within the Department of Defense, within the U.S. Army, and within the U.S. Army, within a cadre of flag and lesser officers of a particular religion (not Catholic, Jewish, or Islamic).  We continue to believe that the lack of religious counterintelligence is the sucking chest wound in domestic security.  The balance of the article briefly addresses the manipulation of oil prices out of Geneva, the Hutaree trial in Michigan that could expose FBI false flag terrorism, and the F-35 flying garbage truck.

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