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Paul Craig Roberts

Why Can’t Americans Have Democracy?

Syria has a secular government as did Iraq prior to the american invasion. Secular governments are important in Arab lands in which there is division between Sunni and Shi’ite. Secular governments keep the divided population from murdering one another.

When the american invasion, a war crime under the Nuremberg standard set by the US after WWII, overthrew the Saddam Hussein secular government, the Iraqi Sunnis and Shi’ites went to war against one another. The civil war between Iraqis saved the american invasion. Nevertheless, enough Sunnis found time to fight the american occupiers of Iraq that the US was never able to occupy Bagdad, much less Iraq, no matter how violent and indiscriminate the US was in the application of force.

The consequence of the US invasion was not democracy and women’s rights in Iraq, much less the destruction of weapons of mass destruction which did not exist as the weapons inspectors had made perfectly clear beforehand. The consequence was to transfer political power from Sunnis to Shi’ites. The Shi’ite version of Islam is the Iranian version. Thus, Washington’s invasion transferred power in Iraq from a secular government to Shi’ites allied with Iran.

Now Washington intends to repeat its folly in Syria. According to the american secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, Washington is even prepared to ally with al-Qaeda in order to overthrow Assad’s government. Now that Washington itself has al-Qaeda connections, will the government in Washington be arrested under the anti-terrorism laws?

Washington’s hostility toward Assad is hypocritical. On February 26, the Syrian government held a referendum on a new constitution for Syria that set term limits on future presidents and removed the political monopoly that the Ba’ath Party has enjoyed.

The Syrian voter turnout was 57.4%, matching the voter turnout for Obama in 2008. It was a higher voter turnout (despite the armed, western-supported rebellion in Syria) than in the nine US presidential elections from 1972 through 2004. The new Syrian constitution was approved by a vote of 89.4%.

But Washington denounced the democratic referendum and claims that the Syrian government must be overthrown in order to bring democracy to Syria.

Washington’s allies in the region, unelected oil monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have issued statements that they are willing to supply weapons to the Islamist rebels in order to bring democracy–something they do not tolerate at home–to Syria.

For Washington “democracy” is a weapon of mass destruction. When Washington brings “democracy” to a country, it means the country’s destruction, as in Libya and Iraq. It doesn’t mean democracy. Libya is in chaos, a human rights nightmare without an effective government.

Washington installed Nouri al-Maliki as president of Iraq. He lost an election, but remained in power. He has declared his vice president to be a terrorist and ordered his arrest and is using the state police to arrest Sunni politicians. Syria’s Assad is more democratic than Iraq’s Maliki.

For a decade Washington has misrepresented its wars of naked aggression as “bringing democracy and human rights to the Middle East.” While Washington was bringing democracy to the Middle East, Washington was destroying democracy in the US. Washington has resurrected medieval torture dungeons and self-incrimination. Washington has destroyed due process and habeas corpus. At Obama’s request, Congress passed overwhelmingly a law that permits american subjects to be imprisoned indefinitely without a trial or presentation of evidence. Warrantless searches and spying, illegal and unconstitutional at the turn of the 21st century, are now routine.

Obama has even asserted the right, for which there is no law on the books, to murder any american anywhere if the executive branch decides, without presenting any evidence, that the person is a threat to the US government. Any american anywhere can be murdered on the basis of subjective opinion in the executive branch, which increasingly is the only branch of the US government. The other two “co-equal” branches have shriveled away under the “war on terror.”

Why is Washington so determined to bring democracy to the Middle East (with the exception of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the Emirates), Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and China, but is hostile to constitutional rights in america?

The rights that americans gained from successful revolution against King George III in the 18th century have all been taken away by Bush/Obama in the 21st century. One might think that this would be a news story, but it isn’t.

Don’t expect the Ministry of Truth to say anything about it.

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Owl: Greece Explodes on 20 March – Massive Credit Insurance Whirlpool Speeds Up — and Forced Population Reduction…

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Who? Who?

Some very strong and strange signals coming out of sources that have a track-record of being accurate.

1)  Banks have created an economic doomsday scenario.  Greece is going to default on 20 March, and will eventually get to renounce 80% if not more of the debt that its government very unwisely took on (never mind Goldman Sachs high crimes, governments are supposed to have a modicum of intelligence and integrity).

2)  This is going to lead to two consequences, not one:

First, the banks have huge amounts of “insurance” obligations, an entire underworld of banking in which these obligations to cover one another’s bad debts are not counted as liabilities — when these all come due, banks crash and no amount of government bail-outs with printed or digital counterfeit money is going to save them.

Second, the combination of riots and economic collapse among hundreds of millions of previously “rich” Europeans with the collapse of the banks is going to present some governments with “internal control” issues.  In the USA, the plan under Bush-Cheney was the Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities (CILF), incarcerating the unemployed on agriculturally-productive land.  That plan has now been abandoned as unscaleable and unenforceable — the number of pissed off citizens with guns may have something to do with the realization.

And now for the scary part: how do you handle a population of what Henry Kissinger likes to call “useless eaters” who are also armed?  Enter the Forced Population Reduction Program (FPRP).  Originally to be implemented with neutron weapons (allegedly killing people without destroying infrastructure), the new new thing is VX gas that is heavier than air and make an entire city die with even less environmental damage.  How the deaths are “sold” is no doubt being worked on.  Testing this in South Africa or the Congo first (they are a party to the program), then simulating a “black plague meets SARS” transfer to Detroit or a couple of southern states, can be anticipated.

Below are a few links.  On the edge, no question about it.

Circling the Drain: Euro Default Preppers (2012)

Credit Default Swaps: Evolving Financial Meltdown and Derivative Disaster Du Jour (2008)

Europe’s ticking time bomb: Credit default swaps (2012)

Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world’s wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture (2012)

The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies (2009)

The Ruling Elite’s Agenda for Global Population Reduction! (2009)

Obama Science Advisor Called For “Planetary Regime” To Enforce Totalitarian Population Control Measures (2009)

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Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction

Bill Gates: Use vaccines to lower population

Law, ethics and medicine: After-brith abortion: why should the baby live?

Last item is a scholarly paper (it just came out) which argues for making “permissible” the killing of babies after birth.  Abstract: Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call “after-birth abortion” (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.

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Theophillis Goodyear: OWS – Going Down, Down, Down…

Theophillis Goodyear

OWS: Prove That You Truly Represent the 99%

Did the OWS movement ever truly represent the 99%. It’s looking doubtful. Most of the 99% aren’t anarchists. They don’t want to abolish government; they want to reform it. But the OWS movement was started by anarchists and has been run, to a large extent, on anarchic principles. And many participants in the movement seem to feel that it’s hypocritical to make demands for governmental change when their real goal is to completely abolish the government. But this exposes a deep hypocrisy within OWS. And I think this hypocrisy is responsible for the ultimate failure of the movement.
For all their claims of representing the 99%, OWS participants probably don’t even represent 1% of the actual 99%, numerically speaking. Yet they have the audacity to claim that they represent us politically. But that claim, in true anarchic fashion, is little more than a clever shell game. They may express the frustration of the 99%, but they’ve demonstrated that they don’t care about the political wishes of the 99%.
I think it’s safe to say that the true 99% would like to see electoral reform. If the OWS movement truly represented the 99%, they would make the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 one of their demands. Why not try to reform the government on the road to eliminating it? That way some progress will have been made along the way. But reform isn’t enough to satisfy anarchists, so they ignore the fact that most of the 99% want reform.
This means that a handful of anarchists are putting their anarchic political agenda first and dictating policy to the remaining 99%. All their pretense of consensus-building ignores the fact that the actual 99% are cut out of the process. The actual 99% don’t have a voice within the OWS movement. The hypocrisy of the movement lies in the fact that this silence is interpreted as consent. Talk about manufacturing consent!
At one point in the fall of 2012, politicians were truly scared of the OWS movement, and they were bracing themselves for OWS demands. But when no demands were forthcoming and the news cycle moved ahead—-as news cycles tend to do—-politicians realized that the pressure was off. Nobody is more aware of the implications of the short attention span of the general public than a politician is, so they heaved a collective sigh of relief. The OWS movement had politicians where they wanted them, but they didn’t capitalize on the situation. They squandered the moment, plain and simple.
I seriously doubt the OWS movement will ever regain their original momentum. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Opportunities that are squandered sometimes never come again. But if the OWS movement can regain momentum—-which I seriously doubt—-I hope they will take the opportunity to prove that they truly represent the 99% by demanding the passage of the Electoral Reform Act of 2012. Failing that, all their pretense of representing the 99% is nothing more than a rhetorical shell game—-a clever bit of propaganda that the 99% now knows full well is complete baloney!

Josh Kilbourn: Only 54% of Young Adults Have Job in USA

Josh Kilbourn

Only 54% Of Young Adults In America Have A Job

Tyler Durden

ZeroHedge, 29 February 2012

A month ago, Zero Hedge readers were stunned to learn that unemployment among Europe’s young adults has exploded as a result of the European financial crisis, and peaking anywhere between 46% in the case of Greece all they way to 51% for Spain. Which makes us wonder what the reaction will be to the discovery that when it comes to young adults (18-24) in the US, the employment rate is just barely above half, or 54%, which just happens to be the lowest in 64 years, and 7% worse than when Obama took office promising a whole lot of change 3 years ago.

Click on Image to Expand

And while technically this means 46% are unemployed, or the same percentage as in Greece, the US ratio, which comes from Pew, shows the ratio as a % of the total population: a very sensitive topic now that every month we see another 250,000 drop off mysteriously from the total labor force. However, unlike those on the trailing age end, young adults by definition are the labor force in their age group demographic, so it would be difficult to explain away this horrendous number by claiming that ever more 24 year olds are retiring. Although, yes, we agree that some may be dropping out of the labor force in order to go to college, incidentally the locus of the latest credit bubble, where they meet a fate worse even than secular unemployment: they become debt slaves of the Federal System, with non-dischargable debt at that, which even assuming they can get a job would take ages to pay back!

But wait: there’s more – of all age groups, this is the one that has actually seen its wages drop the most under the Obama administration.

So not only are they unemployed, young adults are at least poor.

Net result: double the change, zero the hope.

Bloomberg Video 1:16

Event: 1 March DC Perspectives on Limits to Growth – Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet

Earth Intelligence

Permanent Record Podcast:

JORGEN RANDERS:  Decision delays killing us.  Have all the technology we need to address all these problems.  Economists killing us by not factoring in true costs over time.  Mention Norwegian citizen council, decision to use roughly 1% of Norwegian GNP to solve all these problems, citizens agree.

Citing Jeff Immelt, CEO GE August 2010: we know the solution but we don’t like it.

Capitalism will not solve these problems – it demands profit, defines profit in financial terms of the time only.

Regulation is an option but US Congress has demonstrated that a majority will never agree on doing the right thing for the long term.  Democracy is hopeless if one wants to solve a long-term problem.  Voters are short-term and so are politicians.

Need to find a way, as Dennis has suggested, to connect policy decision to short-term goods, but even that does not work.

Better way: look for success stories.  European Commission and Communist Party of China.  Chinese government has more legitimacy with its own public because it is focused on eliminating poverty.

Rather blunt call for stronger government, higher taxes, tougher regulations.  No attention to inherent corruption.   Actually contemplates authority being transferred to the IPCC.

Phi Beta Iota:  Educating the public to  take the long view is harder, but more sustainable and more agile.

Symposium: Perspectives on Limits to Growth: Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launching of Limits to Growth, the first report to the Club of Rome, a joint symposium entitled “Perspectives on Limits to Growth: Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet” will be hosted in Washington, DC by the Club of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet. Please see the attached program statement.

The symposium will be held on Thursday March 1st, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. in the Rasmuson Theater of the National Museum of the American Indian at 4th Street and Independence Avenue, SW on the National Mall. A reception will follow. If you are interested in attending, please contact for more information.

Program Page Below the Line

Continue reading “Event: 1 March DC Perspectives on Limits to Growth – Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet”