DefDog: Benghazi: No Intelligence, No Integrity, No Answers PLUS Planted Story in Washington Times?

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Integrity lost….again.

TRR: Is a General losing his job over Benghazi?

Washington Times, 28 October 2012

Is an American General losing his job for trying to save the Americans besieged in Benghazi? This is the latest potential wrinkle in the growing scandal surrounding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that left four men dead and President Obama scrambling for a coherent explanation.

On October 18, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta appeared unexpectedly at an otherwise unrelated briefing on “Efforts to Enhance the Financial Health of the Force.” News organizations and CSPAN were told beforehand there was no news value to the event and gave it scant coverage. In his brief remarks Mr. Panetta said, “Today I am very pleased to announce that President Obama will nominate General David Rodriguez to succeed General Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command.” This came as a surprise to many, since General Ham had only been in the position for a year and a half. The General is a very well regarded officer who made AFRICOM into a true Combatant Command after the ineffective leadership of his predecessor, General William E. “Kip” Ward. Later, word circulated informally that General Ham was scheduled to rotate out in March 2013 anyway, but according to Joint doctrine, “the tour length for combatant commanders and Defense agency directors is three years.” Some assumed that he was leaving for unspecified personal reasons.

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Phi Beta Iota:  There are multiple levels to this story, and the hidden agendas remain to be discovered.  Our top requirement for serious intelligence is this: who, exactly, was behind the organized armed attack, and to what end AND who, exactly, was responsible for not allowing General Ham to do what was clearly within his legal and moral authority?  We already know that Stanley Inc., Terry Jones, and neo-conservative elements of the US Government set out to launch this destabilizing movie just prior to the election; we do not know if Mossad helped.  We already know that political appointees at the Department of State refused to respect the legitimate concerns of the people in the field while at the same time they failed to question the sanity of a space exhibit and an Ambassador out on a limb in Benghazi.  Between political subversion from outside, and political incompetence from inside, this appears to be the perfect micro-burst.

NOTE:  The below headline at Washington Times appears to be a planted story.  It is inconsistent with what is known about capabilities available to General Ham on 11 September 2012.

Rowan Scarborough, Lack Of Strike Force Impeded Benghazi Response (Washington Times, 29 October 2012)

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