Leah Lynn Plante: Our Tunesian Fruit Seller?

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Leash Lynn Plante

Political Prisoner Leah Lynn Plante Released!

Last week Leah Lynn Plante was arrested and placed in solitary confinement for remaining silent during a grand jury trial. Due to the secrecy of the proceedings, little information has come to light about her or her two friends, Katherine “Kteeo” Olejnik and Matthew Kyle Duran since the story went viral last week.

However, word was just sent out from Leah's supporters that she had been released, although unfortunately her two friends still remain behind bars.

At this point it is unclear how this turn of events has transpired, but it is highly possible that the video that Leah made before she went to jail touched so many people that they felt compelled to write and flood the court with calls. When Leah made the viral video last week, her friends were already in jail and since they didn't appear in the video people who didn't pay close attention or dig deeper into the story may not have realized that she was one of three people caught up in the same mess.

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3 Portland activists indefinitely detained for refusing to speak at grand jury hearing

Since late July, three activists have had their lives torn apart by the police and the legal system, simply because they refused to answer any questions in a grand jury case, regarding crimes that they have absolutely no connection to. As of right now, all three are behind bars, with no clue when they will be able to get out.

The most recent to be sent away was Leah-Lynn Plante, this week she repeated the same process that she just watched her roommates go through. After being summoned to speak twice and refusing to speak both times, the prosecutors in the case enacted a legal loophole which waived her 5th amendment right to remain silent. This decision was made for her by the court against her will.

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Armed FBI Raid Targets Activist's Political Literature

If anyone has any doubt as to whether or not the United States has earned the designation of “police state,” one need only look at the case of 24-year-old Leah-Lynn Plante, a Portland woman whose home was recently raided by paramilitary police in search of ordinary household items including “anarchist literature.”

Plante is currently enduring an affair with a special grand jury which risks seeing her imprisoned for civil contempt if she refuses to comply and possibly indicted for other, less-defined crimes.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Elements of the US Government (USG) appear to be far over the line of reasonable search & seizure; if they are not reined in they could precipitate a revolution — certainly any professional intelligence officer if asked would inform the USG that the absolute LAST place you want to abuse your power is in the Pacific Northwest.  The preconditions of revolution that exist now in the USA are well-advanced.  The facts of the intrusion into her home, the full alibis, the ham-fisted confiscation of art and books,  the prosecutorial deception, and the overall pattern of abusive police state powers, when combined with her obvious commitment to non-violence, place the USG in a very negative light.   This would be a very good time for the USG to restrict its law enforcement personnel to their “barracks.”  As best we can tell, DHS “intelligence” is non-existent, and money flowing downhill is stirring up a shit storm.  Regardless of who is “elected” in the next election, all elements of the USG should be focused on avoiding any over-reaction or abuse that could spark — be a precipitant for — a revolution.

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