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Tom Atlee

21st Century Town Meetings

Appreciative Inquiry

Argument Mapping

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)


Canada Maclean experiment



citizen consensus councils (CCCs)

citizen deliberative councils (CDCs)

citizen councilor forums

citizen panels [By Popular Demand]

citizen reflective councils


Amazon Page

Citizens’ Assembly

citizens juries

civic journalism

Community-Based Watershed Management Councils

community quality of life indicators

Commons Cafés

Community Forums Network

Community vision programs

Consensus Conferences aka Danish Technical Panels

Consensus Councils

consensus process

Conversation Cafés

Creative Insight Council (CIC)

deliberation, public

Deliberative Polling


dialogue, Bohmian



Dynamic Facilitation (DF)


framing for deliberation

Future Search

general assembly

Holistic Management

intergroup dialogue

Issue/Proposition/Argument (IPA)

listening circle

Listening Project

MIT Deliberatorium

multiple-viewpoint drama

Multicentric Issue-Based Information System (McdBIS)

Natural Resource Leadership Institutes

neighborhood assemblies

neighborhood councils

Nonviolent Communication

Open Forums

Open Space Technology

Participatory Budgeting

Planning Cells

Positive Deviance

Principled Negotiation

Public Conversation Project

Reuniting America

scenario and visioning work

Search for Common Ground


study circles

Wisdom Council

The World Café


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