DefDog: Anonymous Attacks Israel

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Anonymous takes down over 550 Israeli sites, wipes databases, leaks email addresses and passwords

When the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) this week began taking military action in the Gaza strip against Hamas (as the IDF announced on Twitter), Anonymous declared its own war as part of #OpIsrael. Among the casualties are thousands of email addresses and passwords, hundreds of Israeli web sites, government-owned as well as privately owned pages, as well as databases belonging to the Bank of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Actual damages have not been verified but other sources are carrying the story.  Most interesting, despite the rhetoric about the suffering in Palestine, it was the Israeli threats to isolate the Gaza strip from the Internet that castalyzed Anonymous into action.  This is certainly an important first case of both a sub-state actor taking on an entire nation-state in cyberspace AND also an important juxtaposition of individuals with ethics acting against a nation-state without ethics.  What has been done to the Palestinians is an outrage only equaled by the white South Africans in their time.  It shames all citizens whose governments tolerate the daily atrocities and de facto genocide by Israel against Palestine.

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