Reference: Top-Notch Report on Chinese Exploitation of US Idiocy & Incompetence

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2013 Mandiant_PRC Cyber APT1_Report

Phi Beta Iota:  The naive and the unscrupulous emphasis external threats and internal vulnerabilities while glossing over the FACT that this threat was clearly articulated by Winn Schwartau, among others, in 1990, and clearly articulated, in a letter delivered in 1994 to Marty Harris at the National Information Infratructure (NII) reporting to Al Gore, that put together in one place the best possible starting point for securing the entire US cyber-infrastructure with a starting budget of $1 billion a year.

There is no escaping the irresponsibility of the US Government at both the political and professional levels, since the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the cover-up of that assassination led by Lyndon B. Johnson, himself a co-conspirator.  There is now a sufficiency of evidence that George Bush Senior was the CIA non-official cover officer taking the lead on the CIA rogue operation that utilized CIA case officers and CIA-trained and equipped Cuban exiles to back up the kill shot by Howard Hunt, the one man that accompanided Papa Bush to the White House.

Bottom line:  The National Security Agency (NSA) and Cyber-Com are irresponsibly inept, both with respect to the long-assigned and long-ignored mission of securing private sector communications and computers, and with respect to practicing due diligence in government communications and computing.  The Chinese are taking advantage of US idiocy and incompetence, nothing more.  If the President and the Secretary of Defense want a starting point for saving $25 billion a year, both these organizations can safely be put on the chopping block while creating small new networked capabilities, including a computational mathematics oversight consortium.

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