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More coherent than many such diatribes.  Appears to represent a growing segment of the public.  When combined with local elected sheriffs siding with the public, and high likelihood that most National Guard units will go local and refuse federal orders to fire on or arrest US citizens, the balance of power at the grassroots level appears to be totally in favor of the public not the elite.

Killing America

Preston James, PhD.

Veterans Today, 7 March 2013


Its Purpose is to destroy America and Fold its remains into a NWO Globalist One-World Government System.

But it’s not over yet and things are not going so well for the Banksters. They are about 13 years behind schedule.

And until recently most Americans knew nothing about it.

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America’s Monetary & Production System has been hijacked and used by London Banksters to entrap most the world in a Global Web of Debt.

This has enabled the Banksters to issue all the money they needed to buy up and control almost every American politician and Government official, many of whom serve unknowingly as CUTOUTS.

They have used their Babylonian “money magic” debt-based usury system of fiat “money” to asset strip most Americans of  a great deal of the fruits of their labor and accrued assets, and now they are coming for their guns.

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Phi Beta Iota:  America the Beautiful was lost when JFK and MLK were assassinated by rogue elements of the US Government in partnership with private sector interests, AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT.  That was the end of any semblance of honest balanced government in the USA, and that is the legacy of criminally insane LBJ, a man his own Secret Service detail said would be in the lunatic wing of a federal prison if he were not Vice President.  In the face of all of the evil that is now being understood by a growing number of citizens, there are a number of very positive converging trends, including the Internet, the growing majority that recognizes the two-party tyranny for what it is, and the increasingly likelihood that at some point the elite are going to realize that Truth & Reconciliation, and a restoration of honest balanced government, is preferable to being hunted down and killed, one at a time, as criminals convicted in absentia.  We disagree with the narrow focus on bankers as financial terrorists lacking in all ethical principles.  The national security community, including now the Department of Homeland Defense, has been totally penetrated and is largely “led” by the sadistic homosexual cabal that imported the Nazi homosexuals (not to be confused with the gay and lesbian community that is joyful and open).  From Bohemian Grove to Skull and Bones to Cap and Gown to the highest ranks of the US Marine Corps, the US Army, and the Joint Special Operations Group, we have a problem.  It is easily addressed, but requires an honest government with an honest Department of Justice and an honest FBI.  What we have now in the USA is criminals and pedophiles in charge of the very system that is supposed to be weeding them out.

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